SACO, A5.1

CONSER participation in, C4.3

Separation of records

Authenticated, C8.3.4

CON/SEP Report (form), C8

Unauthenticated, C8.3.3


Complete in one issue

Date of publishing, 260 $c

Frequency code, 008/18-19 (Continuing resources)

Definition, 008/06

Issued in more than one form, 008/22 (Continuing resources)

Status of publication, 008/06

Types of, 008/21 (Continuing resources)


As headings, Headings - General Information

Authentication and SARs, C2.3, C4.2

Changes, B4.2.2

Dates, 490 $a

Dates (in fixed field), 008/07-14

Definition, 008/21 (Continuing resources)

Initial articles, Series - General Information

LC class/call number, 050, 490 $l

LC minimal level cataloging records, C1.2.1

LC treatment of, 500

Linking entry fields, 760/762

Microforms, 533 $f

OCLC machine conversion, 040

Retrospective conversion, B5

Tagging, Series - General Information

Uniform titles, 440, 490, 830

Volume number, Headings - General Information $v

Series authority records, C4.2

Session laws, 008/34 (Continuing resources)

Shortened records (fixed field), 008/38

Size (of a serial), 300 $c


Coded, 007 (Projected graphic) $b

Core record, B6.4.6

Socialist countries (govt. pub.), 008/28

Sound recording continuing resources, Appendix N

Creation/production credits note, 508

Participant or performer note, 511

See also Music


260 field, D3.6

362 field, D3.6

5XX fields, D3.6

Linking entry fields - general information, D3.6

Spacing requirements related to card production, D3.6

Statement of responsibility

Edition, 250 $b

Series, 490 $a

Title, 245 $c

Variant titles, 246

Statistics, CONSER, C13

Stock numbers, 037

Subfield $a (used in CEG), D3.5

Subject authority records

Policy, A4.2, B1.2

Submitting proposals, C4.3.2

Subject headings

Changes to, B4.2.2

Description, Subject Headings - General Information

Establishing new headings, C4.3

Form subdivision, Subject Headings - General Information $v

Geographic area code, 043

LAC French headings, Subject Headings - General Information

Newspapers, Subject Headings, 651, Appendix L

Policy, A2, B1.3, B4.3.5

Retrospective conversion, B5

Source, Subject Headings - General Information 2nd indicator, Subject Headings - General Information $2

Subdivisions, Headings - General Information $x-z

Subdivisions appropriate to serials, Appendix J

Uncontrolled, 653

Used by CONSER participants, Appendix I

Used by USNP participants, Subject Headings - General Information, 651, Appendix L

Subscription data, 037

Changes, B4.2.3

Successive entry records

247 field in, C10.2

Consolidation, B4.3.2

Conversion, C9.2

Definition, 008/34 (Continuing resources)

Policy, B1.6, 008/34 (Continuing resources)


Added entries, 730, 740

Frequency/regularity codes, 008/18-19 (Continuing resources)

Linking entry fields 770/772

Notes, 525

Surname (in personal name headings), Headings - General Information


Addresses for sending, C11.4

CJK headings, C2.1, C11.2

ISSN assignment, C11.2

Microforms, C11.3

Republication records, C6.1

Publisher's letters, etc., C11.3

Required by authenticating participants, C2

Submitted by new members during review, A4.5.4

When to send, C2, C11.2

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