Update 13 to the CONSER Editing Guide incorporates changes announced in OCLC technical bulletins 236 and 241.  Key changes are revisions of instructions for inputting LC control numbers, to support use of the new MARC 21 LCCN format implemented in January 2001, and of guidelines for creating records with vernacular Chinese script, to reflect implementation of pinyin romanization.

Field, etc.

Addition, Change, Deletion


Added new CONSER members University of Chicago, Hong Kong University of Science and Technology, National Library of Wales, and R.R. Bowker

Changed University of Oregon to full member


Deleted NST reporting as obligation

Regularized indentations; changed presentation in lists to bullets


Corrected instructions to use ELvl 4


Added mention of core level and ELvl 4 in places

Deleted specifications that LCCN be unprefixed or "non-pseudo"

Deleted pseudo LCCNs as identifying features of LC MLC and NSDP records


Changed ELvl 8 instructions to match current policy


Deleted references to LSP


Corrected reference citation; added criterion to instructions


Added mention of core level

Inserted missing blank space


Added mention of core level

Added instructions to avoid duplicate reporting

Fixed Length Fields - General Information

Corrected indentation

Updated information on uses of 006 field and code s for "Form of item" and "Form of original item"

Restored page lost in last update

Cataloging source

Added instruction for code d and information on validation with u

Form of original item

Changed reproduction example to microfilm

Added guidelines for electronic serials

Deleted footnote

Corrected "Original form" to "Form of item" in one place

Deleted out of date information

007 Fields - General Information

Restored correct second page

007 - Electronic resource

Restored correct second page

Restored line lost in last update


Added information about using new LCCN format

Moved main information on suffixes and revision dates to Appendix P, leaving abbreviated discussion in 010; normalized plural "LCCNs"

Added quotation marks

Changed language for clarity


Added information on OCLC plans to incorporate use and data of field 069 and on overlap with field 029


Added new section on field 029, previously not included in CEG


Changed and added instructions for use of indicators 1 and 4

Added mention of core level and ELvl 4


Added information on OCLC plans to shift use and data into field 016 and on overlap with field 029


Moved example to subfield $a section

Added examples to illustrate breaking up multiple subfields $a


Inserted missing blank space


Added instructions that CONSER members leave 263 in records


Added examples

Linking Entry Fields - General Information

Corrected punctuation and coding

Added instructions for new LCCN format

Updated other instructions and section titles


Updated background statement for editing instructions


Added new subfield $x and instructions


Changed reference "265" and "037"

Appendix A

Deleted 029 from OCLC-defined fields not included in CEG

Appendix O

Updated background information to reflect pinyin implementation

Deleted instructions on using alphabetic identifier suffix

Relocated guidelines on romanizing key title and abbreviated key title

Renamed section for designation area

Updated MARC 21 coding for subject form subdivisions

Added alphabetic subsection markers

Appendix P

Expanded scope; changed name

Added information on MARC LCCN formats, suffixes, and revision dates

Changed instructions and examples to no longer transcribe suffixes and revision dates; changed section titles


Index updated

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