Factories, 24.1

Famous people too recent for reference sources (nonroman scripts), 22.3C

Festivals and celebrations, 24.8


Added entries for honorees, 21.30F

Filing (automated)

Data in brackets preceded by "i.e." or "[sic]," 21.30J

Honorary titles or terms of address preceding forenames, 22.1C, 22.15B

Filipino names, 22.5A

Filmographies, 2.7B18

Films, see Motion pictures

Firms, see Business firms

Flourishing dates, 22.17, 22.19

Folk festivals and celebrations, 24.8

Folk music sound recordings, see Pop, folk, ethnic, jazz sound recordings

Foot/feet symbols, 1.0E

"For sale by the Supt. of Docs.," 1.4D4

Foreign films, etc. (notes), 7.7B9

Form of composition

Notes and uniform titles, 5.7B1, 6.7B1


see also Bindings/formats

Formats (alternate), see Alternate media (notes)

Formats (various)

Availability (description), 1.5A3

Treatment (description), 1.10

Frame counts

Contents notes, 8.7B18

Physical description areas, 8.5B2

Fullness of names,see primarily:

image\POINT_BL.gif Personal names

image\POINT_BL.gif Personal names (determination of commonly known forms)

image\POINT_BL.gif Personal names (different names or forms of name)

Function designations, 21.0D

Academic disputations, 21.27

Court decisions, cases, etc., 21.36C

Exceptions, 21.0D

Funeral homes, mortuaries, 24.1

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