Macroforms, see Macroreproductions


As editions, 2.7B7

Bibliographic descriptions, 1.11A

"Demand" publications, 2.7B7

General material designations, 1.11A

LC policies, 1.11A

Notes, 2.7B7, 1.11A

Main entry headings

see also Title main entries . . .

Main entry headings (corporate names), 21.1B2

Art works, 21.1B2

Cartographic materials, 21.1B2

Changes (multipart items), 21.3A2

Changes (serials and integrating resources), 21.3B

Consultants’ reports, 21.1B2

Determination, 21.1B2

Performing groups, 21.1B2

Subordinate bodies vs. parent bodies, 21.1B2

Main entry headings (corporate vs. personal vs. title entries), 21.1B2

Main entry headings (personal names)

Authors of texts (catalogs of works by single artists), 21.17B

Catalogs of works (single artists), 21.17B

Catalog of works (multiple artists), 21.1B2 Catagory A

Changes (multipart items), 21.3A2

Changes (serials and integrating resources), 21.3B

Consultants’ reports, 21.1B2

Definition of author, AACR2 21.1A1

Function designations, 21.0D

Librettos, 21.28A

Principal performers (sound recordings), 21.23C

Serials, 21.1A2

Main entry headings (personal vs. corporate), 21.1B2

Main series vs. subseries, 1.6H

ISSNs for main series only, 1.6H7

Not appearing together on items, 1.6H

Manufacturers’ names and locations omitted, 10.4G2


Added entries (names or repositories), 21.30H

Forms of heading, 25.13

Physical aspects, 25.13

Maps, see Cartographic materials

MARC character set

Characters not included, 1.0E

MARC tagging practice

Changes in other title information (integrating resources), 12.7B6.2

Changes in parallel titles (integrating resources), 12.7B5.2

Changes in title other than title proper (integrating resources), 12.7B4.1

Markets, 24.1

Marks of contraction, 1.0E

Married women (parentheses around forenames), 22.2A

Matrix numbers, 6.7B19

Medium of performance

Notes and uniform titles, 5.7B1, 6.7B1

Parallel statements, 5.1B1

Meetings, see Conferences, meetings, etc.

Memorandum series authority records

see also Monographic series

Multipart items

Lecture series, 1.6

Microfiches, see Microreproductions

Microforms, see Microreproductions


Bibliographic descriptions, Chapter 11

General material designations, Chapter 11

Items lacking a collective title, 1.1G2

LC policies, Chapter 11

Notes, Chapter 11

Series uniform titles, 25.5B

Military headings, 24.24A

Civil War (U.S.) army units, 24.24A

Expeditions, 24.7

Military installations as local place names, 23.1

Numbered units, 24.24A

Minute/minutes symbols, 1.0E

Misspellings, etc., see Inaccuracies, misspellings, etc.

"Mixed editions," 2.2, 2.7B18

Monographs vs. serial vs. integrating resource, 1.0

Monographic series

see also Series

Different physical media, 1.6

Issued in several editions, 1.6

Lacking analyzable titles (analyzed, classified separately), 13.3

Lecture series, 1.6

References on authority records, 26.5A

Supplements, see Supplements to series/serials

Morgues, 24.1

Motels, 24.1

Motion pictures

Motion picture music (uniform titles for single composer collections), 25.34C2

Uniform titles, 25.5B

Motion pictures, television programs, and Videorecordings

Archival Moving Image Materials, 1.6, 7.1B1

"Mount" in geographic names, 23.2

Moving image materials, archival, 1.6

Multilingual works

see also Translations

Translations, 25.5C

Uniform titles, 25.5C

Multipart items

Added entries, 21.30L

"Analyzable" titles (definition), 25.6A

Bibliographic volumes issued as one physical volume later expanded to several physical volumes, 2.5B18

Changes of persons or bodies responsible, 21.3A2

Changes in titles proper, 21.2A1

Collective uniform titles, 25.5B

Contents notes, 2.7B18

Dates of publication (complete), 1.4F8

Dependent and independent titles, 13.3

Dependent titles (definition), 25.6A

ISBNs, see ISBNs

Item described note, 1.7B23

Lacking analyzable titles (analyzed, classified separately), 13.3

Mixture of dependent and independent titles, 13.3

Paginations for individual volumes, 2.5B20

Physical descriptions (complete), 1.5B5

Physical descriptions (incomplete), 1.5B16

Prices, see Prices

Publishers’ numbers (music publications), 5.7B19

Series numbering on incomplete items, 1.6G2

Unanalyzable, new, unnumbered, 13.3

Volume numbering, 21.30L

Volume numbering in notes, 2.7B18

Volumes in different editions, 2.2, 2.7B18

Volumes in different, or lacking, series,1.6B, 1.6J

Volumes lacking titles (formal contents notes), 2.7B18

Multiple parallel data (music), 5.1B1

Music (multiple parallel data), 5.1B1

Music composers, see Composers

Music serial numbers, see Serial numbers (music)

Music sound recordings, see Sound recordings

Music uniform titles, see Uniform titles (music)

Musical excerpts, see Excerpts (musical works)

Musical instruments, 25.30B4, 25.30B5

Musical presentation statements, 5.3

As statements of responsibility, 5.2B1, 5.3

In two or more languages or scripts, 5.3

Inseparable parts of other areas, 5.3

Musical presentation statements vs. edition statements, 5.2B1

Transcription, 5.3

Musical works, 21.18B

Musical works (excerpts), see Excerpts (musical works)


Resolving conflicts, 22.19

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