"e" (German), 1.0E

Earlier/later editions, 1.7A4

Earlier/later references

Earlier names covered by pre-AACR2 headings, 26.3B-C

Geographic names (notification of Subj Cat), 26.3B-C

"[no publs. in LC database]," 26.3B-C

Reference structures (guidelines and examples), 26.3B-C

Earlier names . . .

see also Corporate names, Earlier names . . .

Cross references, Earlier/later . . . names . . .

Geographic names, Earlier/later names . . .

Earlier names (corporate bodies covered by references)

Conflicts, 24.4C

Earlier names (AACR2 forms in 667 fields), 26.3

Earlier names needed as headings, 24.1B, 26.3B-C

Reference evaluation instructions, 26.3

Early printed monographs

Descriptive cataloging of books published before 1801, 2.12-2.18

Uniform titles, 25.14

Ecclesiastical parishes, 24.3G

Ecological stations, 24.1

Edition statements

Abbreviations, B.5

Dates of release or transmittal, 2.7B9

Edition statements vs. musical presentation statements, 5.2B1

Edition statements (music) vs. statements of responsibility, 5.2B1

Examples, 2.2B1

Gleaned from texts, 2.2B3

In two or more languages or scripts (serials), 12.2B3

Initial articles, 1.0

Items lacking, 1.2B4

Multipart items (volumes in various editions), 2.2, 2.7B18

Qualifiers to uniform titles, 25.5B

Updating loose-leafs (notes), 12.7B9.2


see also Limited edition notes

Revised editions

Change in edition information (serials), 12.2F1

Earlier/later editions, 1.7A4

Identical series numbering, 1.6G

Multipart items (volumes in various editions), 2.2, 2.7B18

Music publications (definition and discussion), 5.2B1

New editions, 1.0

New editions vs. copies (rare book cataloging), 1.0

New editions vs. reissues, 1.0

New editions vs. republications, 2.7B7

Order of authors’ names, 21.6C1

Previous editions pre-AACR2, 1.7A4

Serials, 12.7B8f

Statements gleaned from texts, 2.2B3

Editions linked by notes, 1.7A4


From CIP data sheets, 1.1F1

In statements of responsibility, 1.1F1

Electronic location and access (856) field, 1.11A

Electronic reproductions

Bibliographic descriptions, 1.11A

Electronic location and access (856) field, 1.11A

General material designations, 1.11A

LC policies, 1.11A

Notes, 2.7B7, 1.11A, 12.7B23

Electronic resources

Changes in title proper, 12.7B4.2

Changes in type and extent of resource area notes, 12.7A2

Changes of persons or bodies responsible (serials and integrating resources), 21.3B

Chief source of information (direct access electronic resources), 12.0B1

Common titles and section titles, 12.1B4

Copyright dates, 9.4F4

Description of items lacking a collective title, 9.1G1, 9.1G4

Notes on changes in type and extent of resource area, 12.7A2

Remote access no longer available, 9.7B

Serial vs. integrating resource, 1.0

Serials that don't retain earlier title/bodies, 12.0B1

Title proper, 1.1B1

Uniform titles, 25.5B

Updating remote access electronic resources, 21.3B

Electronic serials, see Electronic resources


Title pages, 1.1B1

Titles proper of serials, 12.1B7

Encyclopaedia Judaica, 22.3C

Ensembles (accompanying), see Accompanying ensembles

Equal signs

Preceding parallel statements, AACR2 1.1A1

Series numbering, 1.6G

Title pages, 1.1B1

Errata slips (notes), 2.7B18

"ess-zet," 1.0E

Ethiopian personal names, 22.8

Ethnic music sound recordings, see Pop, folk, ethnic, jazz sound recordings

Evaluation of pre-1981 headings, see:

image\POINT_BL.gif [Type of heading]

image\POINT_BL.gif Reference evaluation

image\POINT_BL.gif Updating pre-AACR2 headings

Events, 24.7, 24.8

Excerpts from serials (treatment), 21.28B

Excerpts (musical works)

Analytical added entries (sound recordings), 25.34

Executive agencies (national level), 24.18, TYPE 5

Exhibition catalogs, see Art and exhibition catalogs

Exhibitions, fairs, etc.

Added entries (institutions), 21.30F

As corporate entities, 21.1B1, 21.1B2

Catalogs, see Art and exhibition catalogs

Dates as qualifiers, 24.8B

Monographs vs. serial vs. integrating resource, 1.0

References, 26.3A3


Ambiguous entities, 24.7

Choice of entry, 21.1B2

Dates (qualifiers), 24.7

Explanatory references

see also Cataloger-generated references

Guidelines, instructions, examples, 26.3B-C

LC practice, 26.2D

Not made to cover added entries, 21.29G

Pseudonyms, 22.2B

Extent of items

see also Physical description areas

Bibliographic units bound together by the institution, 2.5B18, 12.5B2

Bibliographic units vs. physical units (serials), 12.5B2

Leaves or pages of plates, 2.5B9

Multipart items (ceased), 2.5B21

Multipart items (complete), 1.5B5

Multipart items (incomplete), 2.5B16

Parts listed in contents notes (formal and informal), 2.7B18

Physical units vs. bibliographic units (serials), 12.5B2

Updating loose-leafs, 12.5B1, 12.5B2

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