Rule corrections (1988 revision), 25.30B6 and 25.35A1 have been cancelled


Additions to list, B.9

Consisting of more than one letter, 1.0C

Corporate body names as parts of titles proper in serials, 12.1B3

Corporate names, 24.1

Corporate names (references), 26.3A6

Cross references from spelled out forms, 26.3A6

"Department" (AACR2 form), B.9

"i.e." and "et al." in nonroman scripts, B.4

Other parts of the catalog entry, B.5

Personal names (forenames or surnames), 22.1B, 22.18A

Personal names (not initials), 22.1B, 22.18A

Rule revision, B.5

Series numbering, 1.6G

Sources or attributions after a quoted note, 1.7A3

Spacing conventions, 1.0C

State names, B.14

Surnames of Hungarian-language personal names, 22.5C2

Surnames of Spanish-language personal names, 22.1B, 22.5C2, 26.2

Titles proper, 21.30J

"V.I.," B.14

Academic degrees

Terms (thesis notes), 1.7B13

Academic disputations (function designations), 21.27

Accent marks, see Diacritics

Access points

Arabic numerals, C.1

Periods, 1.0C

Sources, 21.0B

Spacing conventions, 1.0C

Accompanists as separate entities from corporate bodies accompanied (main and added entries), 21.23C, 21.29D

Accompanying ensembles

Added entries for individuals in unnamed groups, 21.29D

Uniform title terminology (one player/part), 25.30B7

Accompanying materials

Cataloging treatment, 1.5E1

Items made up of several types of material, 1.10

Monograph vs. serial vs. integrating resources supplementary material, 1.0

Physical descriptions, 1.5E1

Acronyms, see Initials, initialisms, and acronyms

Ad hoc events as corporate entities, 21.1B1

Added entries

see also Analytical added entries

Related work added entries

Series added entries

Title added entries

246 field and initial articles, 21.30J

Agreements (other parties - exception), 21.35B, 21.35C

Agreements (general revisions - exception), 21.35E2

"Annual report," 21.30J

Arr. (omission in headings), 21.18B

Binder’s titles, 2.7B4

Collections containing works by two or more composers, 21.7B-C

Collections (guidelines), 21.7B-C

Conference proceedings, 24.7B2, 21.30E

Contents notes as justification, 2.7B18

Corporate bodies, 21.1B2, 21.30E

Corporate bodies named prominently, 21.30E

Corporate bodies sponsoring conferences, 21.30E

Covered by references (LC policy), 21.29G, 26.6

Facsimile editions of manuscripts, 21.30H

General material designations, 21.29

Honoree of Festschriften, 21.30F

Illustrators (children’s literature), 21.0D, 21.30K2

Institutions where exhibitions held, 21.30F

Issuing bodies (series), 21.30E

Jazz ensembles (individual members), 21.29D

Jurisdictions enacting legislation (exception), 21.31B1, 21.33A

Justification (corporate bodies named in conjunction with personal names), 1.1F7

Librettists, 21.28A

Multipart items, 21.30L

Opera companies, houses, etc., 21.29D, 21.30E

Order, 21.29

Performers, 21.29D

Performers (omission when belonging to performing groups given added entries), 21.29D

Performers (omission when given main entry as principal performer), 21.29D

Performers (omission when participating in small number of works), 21.29D

Performers (omission when participation is minor), 21.29D

Performers when many perform the same functions, 21.29D

Persons in unnamed accompanying ensembles, 21.29D

Proceedings of two or more meetings of one conference issued in one item, 24.7B

Repositories or names of manuscripts, 21.30H

Separately published issues of periodicals, 21.30G

Serials, 21.30G

Series (definition, form, and guidelines), 21.30L

Series statements appearing only on jackets or in bibliographies, 1.6

Sound recordings, 21.23, 21.29D, 21.30E, 25.34

Sound recordings (one or more works by the same person or body), 21.23

Special numbers to serials, 21.30G

Supplements to series/serials, 21.30G

Titles proper, 21.30J

Titles proper same as or similar to main entries or subject headings, 21.30J

Translators of belles letters, 21.30K1

Treaties, etc. (other parties - exception), 21.33A

Uniform titles, 21.30J

"Works," 21.30M

Writers of texts of catalogs of the works of a single artist, 21.17B

Added title" notes, 2.7B4

Added title pages (notes), 2.7B4

Additions to . . .

see also primarily Qualifiers

and/or ([type of name])

Additions to personal names

Bishops, etc., who are also saints, 22.16C

Dates, 22.17

Dates in cross references, 26.1

Dates (uncertain), C.7

Delimiters to separate additions, 22.1B, 22.5D

Descriptive phrases for pre-20th century persons, 22.19

Exceptional cases ("additions" as parts of the names - punctuation and references), 22.8A1

"fl.," 22.17, 22.19

Full forms of initials (no conflicts), 22.18A

Heads of government acting in official capacities, 24.20B

Japanese priests, 22.16D

Musicians, 22.19

Names not entered under first elements, 22.8A2

Persons of religious vocations, 22.16D

Phrases commonly associated with personal names (from non-English sources), 22.8A1

Romanized JACKPHY records (usage for distinguishing names from additions), 22.1B

Saints who are also bishops, etc., 22.16C

Additions to publications designed to receive them, 2.5B9

Additions to uniform titles, see Uniform titles, Additions . . .

Addresses (publishers), 1.4C7

Administrative regulations, etc., 21.32A

Administrative subordination" (terms)

Government bodies, 24.18, TYPE 2

Non-government bodies, 24.13, TYPE 2

Airplanes, Names, 24.1

Airports, 24.1

Almanacs (U.S.)

Title changes for 17th-19th century U.S. almanacs, 21.2C

Almshouses, 24.1

Alphabetic designations in subordinate corporate names, 24.1

Alternative provisions, see Optional or alternative provisions (decisions)

Alternative titles

Title access, 21.30J

Uniform titles (omissions), 25.3B

Ambiguous entities, 23.1, 24.1, 24.7, 24.8


Corporate headings, 26.3A6

Punctuation, 24.1

Titles proper, 21.30J

Uniform titles (updating to AACR2), 25.1

Analytical added entries

see also Related work added entries

Dates, 21.30M, 25.8

Definition, 21.30M

Formulation, 21.30M

Sound recording collections (omission from incomplete collections), 25.34

Sound recording collections (omission from non-classical music collections), 25.34

Sound recording collections containing excerpts from one work, 25.34

Sound recording collections containing three-five works by one composer, 25.34

Sound recording collections containing works by two or more composers, 21.7B-C

Title access, 21.30M

Works in collections, 21.7B, 21.7C

Analyzable" titles (definition), 25.6A

Ancient laws, certain medieval laws, customary laws, etc., 21.31C

Anglo-American Cataloguing Rules, Second ed., see AACR2

Appendices (contents notes), 2.7B18

Aquariums, Public, 24.1

Arabic numerals

see also Numbers

Series numbering

Chinese, Japanese, and Korean numerals (substitution), C.5C

Decimals and commas, C.1

Forms (access and non-access areas), C.1

Title access, 21.30J

Updating existing records, C.1

Archival moving image materials, 1.6, 7.1B1

Armed forces headings, see Military headings

Arboretums, 24.1

Arr. (omission in headings), 21.18B

Art and exhibition catalogs

Added entries (institutions in which held), 21.30F

Art exhibitions as corporate entities, 21.1B1

Catalogs without reproductions, 21.17B

Catalogs unrelated to exhibitions (choice of entry), 21.1B2

Catalogs of works of single artists (choice of entry), 21.17B

Catalogs of works of more than one artist (choice of entry), 21.1B2, 21.17B

Art galleries (qualifiers), 24.4B

Art reproductions

Catalogs without reproductions, 21.17B

Catalogs of works of single artists (choice of entry), 21.17B

Catalogs of works by more than one artist (choice of entry), 21.17B

Art works

Uniform titles, 25.3A, 25.4A, 25.5B

Artificial satellites, 24.1

Artists as authors, 21.17B

Articles, see Initial articles

Articles in romanized headings

Hebrew (capitalization), A.34

At head of title notes

Serials, 12.7B7.1

At heads of titles

Soviet bloc agencies "stamp of approval," 24.17

Athletic contests, 24.7

Atlases, see Cartographic materials

Audience notes, 2.7B14

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