U.S. Board on Geographic Names

BGN forms conflict with established LC headings, 23.2

Brief forms vs. long forms, 23.2

English forms vs. vernacular forms. 23.2

Forms provided, 23.2

BGN romanized forms conflict with ALA/LC romanization tables, 23.2

When to consult, 23.2

U.S. chambers of commerce, 24.1, 26.3A7

U vs. V, 1.0E, 25.1

Unanalyzable multipart items, see Multipart items

Undertakers, 24.1

UNESCO national commissions, 24.17, 24.18, TYPE 11

Uniform titles (antiquated orthographies), 25.1

Uniform titles (choreographic works), 25.5B

Uniform titles (monographs)

see also Collective uniform titles

Uniform titles (music)

Uniform titles (serials/series)

Access not provided, 21.30J

Additions ("Selections"), 25.9

Additions or corrections, 25.1

Alternative titles omitted, 25.3B

"and" (updating to AACR2), 25.1

Anonymous classics, 25.1

Art works. 25.3A, 25.4A, 25.5B

Brackets, indentions, and punctuation (name authority records), 25.1

Changes to bibliographic records, 25.5B

Collections of two works by one author, 25.7

Collections vs. single works, 25.1

Collective uniform titles for multipart items, 25.5B

Comic strips, 25.5B

Complete literary and musical works of composers, 25.8, 25.10

Conflicting monographic titles, 25.5B

Constitutions, 25.3B

Coutumes homologated as statutes, 21.31B

Customary laws homologated as statutes, 21.31B

Electronic resources, 25.5B

Elements to omit, 25.3B

"Flipping," 26

Form (qualifiers), 25.5B

General material designations, 25.5D

Initial articles, 25.1

Languages used in uniform titles, 25.5C

Languages (liturgical works), 25.19

Laws, 25.15A1, 25.15A2

Laws of changed jurisdictions, 21.31B1

Linking references, 25.1, 25.5B, 26

"Literary works," 25.8

Literary works of composers, 25.8, 25.10

Main entries under name headings, 25.5B

Main entries under titles, 25.5B

Manuscripts (forms and references), 25.13

Monographs published in countries with orthographic reforms, 25.3A

Motion pictures, 25.5B

Multilingual works, 25.5C

Numbering, 25.6A2

Part titles entered subordinately (consisting of titles and numbering), 25.6A2

Parts of a work, 25.6A

Parts of a work ("Laws, etc." as uniform titles), 25.15A1

Parts of a work (numbering), 25.6A2

Parts of a work (references), 26.4D2

Punctuation (qualifiers), 25.5B

Qualifiers, 25.5B

Qualifiers (law collections), 25.15A1

Radio and television programs, 25.5B

Reference evaluation, 26

"Selections," 25.8, 25.9

"Selections" (updating to AACR2), 25.1

Single law titles containing names of jurisdictions, 25.15A2

Single works vs. collections, 25.1

Statements of responsibility begin titles proper, 21.30J, 25.3B

Subject compilations lacking collective titles (law), 25.15A1

Successive entries (collections of U.S. states’ laws), 25.15A1

Titles proper contain words in old orthographies, 25.3A

Transcription (note areas), 1.7A4

Translations (partial collections), 25.11

Treaties (references), 26.4B, 26.4C

Unpublished works, 25.5C

Updating to AACR2, 25.1, 26

U.S. Bureau of the Census publications, 25.5B

When to make, 25.1, 25.5B

"Works," 25.8

"Works" (updating to AACR2), 25.1

Works in several languages, 25.5C

Uniform titles (music)

Accompanying ensembles (one player/part), 25.30B7

Collective uniform titles, 25.5B

Additions [rule correction], 25.35A1

Entries for three-five works by one composer, 25.34

Complete musical and literary works of composers, 25.10, 25.8

Dates of publication (omission for selections), 25.34

Form of composition and notes, 5.7B1, 6.7B1

"Instrumental ensemble" as statements of medium, 25.30B5

Keyboard instrument terminology for 18th century music (harpsichord vs. piano vs. keyboard instrument), 25.30B4

Keys - English used, 25.30D

Liturgical titles (generic terms), 25.29A

Liturgical titles (omission of media of performance), 25.29A

Medium of performance and notes, 5.7B1, 6.7B1

Mélodie vs. melody, 25.29A

Motion picture music (single composer collections), 25.34C2

Musical instrument terminology, 25.30B4, 25.30B5

Musical works of literary writers, 25.10, 25.8

Parts of a work, 25.32A1

Parts of larger works, see Excerpts . . .

"Plucked instruments" vs. "Plectral instruments," 25.30B5

Singulars or plurals (first occurrence of particular types), 25.29A

Singulars to plurals, 25.29A

Uniform titles (serials/series), 25.5B

Additions, 25.5B

Changes of issuing bodies, 25.5B

Changes (qualifiers), 25.5B

Choice (qualifiers), 25.5B

Common/section titles, 25.5B

Conflicts, 25.5B

Corporate names as qualifiers, 25.5B

Corporate name as uniform titles, 25.5B

Dates as qualifier, 25.5B

Edition statements as qualifiers, 25.5B

Electronic resources, 25.5B

Form (qualifiers), 25.5B

Guidelines, 25.5B

Linking references, 25.5B, 26.5A

Numbering grammatically integrated with title proper, 25.5B

Part titles, 25.5B

Places of publication as qualifiers, 25.5B

Published in more than one place, 25.5B

Punctuation (qualifiers), 25.5B

Qualifiers, 25.5B

References, 26.5A

Related series, 21.30G

Reprints, microfilms, etc., 25.5B

Series consisting solely of corporate body names or initials, 25.5B

Series/subseries situations, 25.5B

Successive entries, 25.5B

Supplements, 25.5B

Supplements involved in uniform titles, 25.5B

Title changes or title variations, 21.2C

When to make, 25.5B

Unit descriptions for sound recordings lacking collective titles, 6.1G1

United Nations

Government body, 24.17

United States. Congress

Numbering in headings, 24.21D

Documents (single dates vs. title page dates), 1.4F2

United States Postal Service abbreviations, B.14


Statewide system names contained in names, 24.13, TYPE 6

Unit names indicating fields of study, 24.13, TYPE 5

University libraries named for persons, 24.2

Unpaged items, 2.5B7

Unpublished works (uniform titles), 25.5C

Updates issued for publications, 2.5B9

Updates, see Loose-leaf items

Updating bibliographic records

Monographs with title main entries requiring uniform titles, 25.5B

Motion pictures requiring uniform titles as main or secondary entries, 25.5B

Multipart items, see Multipart items

Uniform titles, 25.1

Updating pre-AACR2 headings

see also Reference evaluation

Additions within parentheses of full forms of initials used in headings, 22.18A

Conferences/meetings, 26

Corporate headings AACR2 except for punctuation of a series of words, 24.2

Earlier forms of corporate names in AACR2 form in 667 field, 26.3

Headings valid before particular dates, 26

Linking reference technique, 26

Multiple pre-AACR2 headings become single AACR2 headings, 26

One-for-one correspondence of bibliographic headings and authority records, 26

Quotation mark usages, 24.1

Series, 24.1

Single pre-AACR2 headings becomes multiple AACR2 headings, 26

Uniform titles, 26

Use in related work added entries, 21.30G

Updating uniform title headings for serials (qualifier policy changes), 25.5B

Utility districts, 23.1

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