Call numbers

Multipart items in series classed as collections, 1.6B, 1.6J

Canadian headings, see National Library of Canada


Information references, 26.3B-C

Canon law (choice of entry), 21.1B2


Breton, A.33

"Contents," "Summary," etc. (notes), 1.7A3

Document names, A.20

Galician, A.33

Georgian, A.33

Hebrew articles (romanized), A.34

Hyphenated compound words, A.31

Latvian, A.53

Lithuanian, A.54

"Little words" in English corporate names, A.2A

Mongolian, A.33

Non-Slavic, Cyrillic languages, A.33

Occitan, A.33

Publisher statements on serials, A.7A

Scientific names of plants and animals, A.25

Sources or attributions after quoted notes, 1.7A3

Titles with introductory words, A.4A1, A.4D1

Vietnamese, A.33

Zoogeographic regions, A.15A

Cartographic materials

Corporate bodies as producers, 21.1B2

Items lacking a collective title, 1.1G2

Maps as illustrations, 2.5C2

Cartoons, see Comic strips

Cataloger-generated references

see also Explanatory references

Initialisms and acronyms, 26.3B-C

General instructions, 26.1

Pseudonyms, 22.2B

Use of explanatory references, 26.2D, 26.3B-C

Cataloger’s notes, see Notes

Cataloging responsibilities

Related work added entries, 21.30G

Catalogs, see Art and exhibition catalogs

Cemeteries, 24.1

Census data contained in other works, 21.28B

Census (U.S.) publications (uniform titles), 25.5B

Chambers of commerce (U.S.), see:

image\POINT_BL.gif Boards of trade (Chambers of commerce)

image\POINT_BL.gif U.S. chambers of commerce

Chapters of corporate bodies, 24.9

Charts, see Cartographic materials

Chief sources of information

Access points, 21.0B

Bilingual editions and dictionaries, 1.0A3

Choice (monographs), 2.0B1

Direct access electronic resources, 12.0B2

Electronic serials that don't retain earlier title/bodies, 12.0B1

Illustration statements, 1.1F15

Multiple (single part items containing two or more works), 1.1G3

Multiple (repetition of information), 2.0B1

Series-subseries, 1.6A2

Successive leaves or pages, 2.0B1

Title page substitutes (serials), 12.0B2

Children’s literature

Headings (illustrators), 21.0D, 21.30K2

Choreographic works

Uniform titles, 25.5B

Choruses of opera companies, see Opera companies, houses, etc. (added entries)

Chronological designations

In notes, 12.7A2

Option decision, 1.6G3

Churches, see Local churches

CIP items

Intended audience notes, 2.7B14

Publication, distribution, etc., area (chief source), 1.4A2

Citation titles of laws as uniform titles, 25.15A1, 25.15A2

City sections, 23.1, 23.4F2

Closing open entries

Dates of publication, 1.4F8

Physical description areas, 1.5B5

Closing dates (years of reign or incumbency), 24.20B

Coding for AACR2, see [Types of heading]

Collations, see:

image\POINT_BL.gif Paginations

image\POINT_BL.gif Physical description areas

image\POINT_BL.gif Extent of items

image\POINT_BL.gif [specific terms]

Collected sets, see Multipart items


see also Collective uniform titles

Collective titles (items lacking)


(see AA2 21.7A)

Analytical added entries, 25.8

Analytical added entries (without collective title), 21.7C

Analytical added entries (with collective title), 21.7B

Choice of entry (without collective title), 21.7C

Contents notes, 2.7B18

Definition, Appendix D

Librettos of works by one composer (main entries), 21.28A

"Made up" collections (physical description area), 2.5B18

Main and added entries (guidelines), 21.7B-C

Main works with lesser works, 25.1

No single chief sources of information (single part items, no collective titles), 1.1G3

Partial collections by authors who write in a single form, 25.9

Translations, etc., 25.11

Uniform titles, 25.8

Uniform titles (literary works of composers), 25.8, 25.10

Uniform titles (two works by one author), 25.7

Works in a single form (uniform titles), 25.10

Works in translation (uniform titles), 25.11

Collections of independent publications republished together (notes), 2.7B7

Collections (music sound recordings)

Analytical added entries (three-five works by one composer), 25.34

Analytical added entries (works by two or more composers), 21.7B-C

Analytical added entries (omission for incomplete collections), 25.34

Main entry (three-five works by one composer), 25.34

Collective settlements, 23.1

Collective titles

Main entry for sound recordings (works by different persons or bodies), 21.23C

Title access, 21.30J

Collective titles (items lacking)

Cartographic materials, 1.1G2, 3.1G1

Microforms, 1.1G2

Motion pictures and videorecordings, 7.1G1

One part predominant, 1.1G1

Single subsequent statements of responsibility, 1.1G3

Title access, 21.30J

Unit descriptions for sound recordings, 6.1G1

Collective uniform titles

see also Uniform titles

Added entries and examples ("Works" and "Selections"), 25.8

Additions (music) [rule correction], AACR2 25.35A1

Collections entered under corporate names, 25.8

Collections in a single form, 25.10

Multipart items, 25.5B

Other than "Works" and "Selections," 25.8

Publishers’ names added to distinguish editions of "Works," etc., 25.8

Qualifiers, 25.8

Reasons to change, 25.8

Translations, etc., 25.11

Uniform titles for complete musical and literary works, 25.8, 25.10

Updating headings to AACR2, 26

When to assign, 25.8

"Works" and "Selections" (forms and guidelines), 25.8


Forms of name (items published in the former USSR), 22.3A

Definition (amplification), Appendix D

Location (books with paper covers), Appendix D

Location (publications printed by GPO), Appendix D

Source for series statement, 1.6A2

Combined references, 26.1

Comic strips

Uniform titles, 25.5B


Between names and associated phrases, 22.8A1

In series of words (English), 24.1

With numbers, C.1

Commercial firms, see Business firms

Commercial publishers

Authors of series having no titles, 1.6

Hierarchies in imprints, 1.4D2

Communes, 23.1

Compatible headings

Guidelines (corporate names), 24.1

Guidelines (personal names), 22.1

Competitions, 24.7


Added entries (when performing own works), 21.29D

Choice of name, 22.1B

Composers and writers, 25.8, 25.10

Composers and authors, 22.1B

Composers and authors (uniform titles for collections), 25.8

Composers not considered contemporary authors, 22.2

Computer files, see Electronic resources

Computer software, see Electronic resources

Concentration camps, 24.1

Concert halls, 24.1

Conductors (separate entities from corporate bodies conducted - main and added entries), 21.23C, 21.29D

Conferences, meetings, etc.

Added entries, 21.30E

Added entries (treaties), 21.35A2

Choice of entry, 21.1B2

Choice of entry (two meetings of the same conference), 24.7B

Conflicts, 24.7B

Containing ISBD-type punctuation, 1.1B1

Corporate bodies, 21.1B1

Corporate names (containing), 21.1B1, 24.13, TYPE 6

Dates as part of names of meetings (qualifiers), 1.0C, 24.1, 24.7A, 24.7B

Electronic conferences (location), 24.7B

Entered directly, 24.13, TYPE 6

Generic term names of meetings of bodies, 21.1B1, 24.13, TYPE 6

Generic term names of meetings sponsored by bodies, 21.1B1

Government delegations, 24.26

Irregular numbering (optional notes), 24.7B2

Monographic vs. serial vs. integrating resource, 1.0

Named meetings combining acronyms or initialisms and abbreviated or full date, 1.0C, 21.1B1, 24.1, 24.4B, 24.7A, 24.7B

Named meetings containing entire names of corporate bodies, 21.1B1, 24.13, TYPE 6

Named meetings (definition), 21.1B1

Named/unnamed with generic terms, 21.1B1

Named meetings entered subordinately, 24.13, TYPE 6

Named meetings entered subordinately (definition), 21.1B1

Ongoing conferences (conflicts), 24.7B

Ongoing conferences (name authority records), 24.7B

Proceedings (two or more meetings of one conference issued in one item - choice of entry), 24.7B

Qualifiers, 24.7B

Qualifiers (ongoing conferences), 24.7B

Qualifiers (omissions from references), 26.3A3

References, 26.3A3

References (minor name changes), 24.2

References for earlier/later names (named), 26.3B-C

Subordinate to higher bodies, 24.13, TYPE 6

Two meetings of the same conference (choice of entry), 24.7B

Unnamed meetings (no notes on bibliographic records), 26.3B-C

Updating headings to AACR2, 26

Working sessions of bodies, 21.1B1

Year (spacing), 1.0C


Art works, 25.5B

Biblical figures, 22.19

Corporate names, 24.4C

Corporate names no longer unique, 24.4C

Definition (corporate names), 24.4C

"fl." (personal names), 22.17, 22.19

Geographic names, 23.4F1

Geographic names (conflicts with names generally not qualified), 24.6

Integrating resources, 25.5B

Involving pre-1981 corporate headings, 24.4C

Involving pre-1981 references covering earlier corporate names, 24.4C

Hawaii local places, 23.4F1

Monographic titles, 25.5B

Musicians, 22.19

Not resolved by qualifiers, 24.4C, 24.4C5

Personal name headings, 22.17

Personal name headings (changing established headings), 26

Personal name headings with personal name references, 26.2C

Pseudonym references, 26.2B3

Serials/series titles, 25.5B

Serials/series titles (definition), 25.5B

Sovereign nations with other places, 24.6

States, provinces, etc. (places in other jurisdictions), 24.6

States, provinces, etc. (places in same larger jurisdiction), 24.6

Telephone calls, 22.17

Titles of address, etc., 22.17, 22.19

Titles, 25.5B

Townships, 23.2, 23.4F1

Townships (other townships in the same states), 23.4F1

Unused forenames or surnames, 22.17

Congolese personal names, 22.8

Conservation districts, 23.1

Constitutions (uniform titles), 25.3B

Constitutions, charters, and other fundamental laws

References in lieu of added entries (enacting jurisdictions), 21.33A

Consultant firms

General designation qualifiers, 24.4B

Consultants’ reports (choice of entry), 21.1B2

Contents notes (formal)

Books in one volume, 2.7B18

Format, 1.7A3, 2.7B18

Multipart items (complete and incomplete), 2.7B18

Multipart items (volumes in different editions), 2.7B18

Multipart items (volumes lacking titles), 2.7B18

Other title information, 2.7B18

Punctuation, 2.7B18

Sources, 2.7B18

Statements of responsibility, 2.7B18

Volume designations, 2.7B18

What to omit, 2.7B18

When some volumes lack titles, 2.7B18

When to provide, 2.7B18

Contents notes (formal or informal), 2.7B18

Contents notes (informal), see Notes and/or [specific type of note]

Contests, 24.7

Contractions (antiquated orthography), 1.0E


see also Duplicates (identification)

Copies vs. new editions, 1.0, 1.2B3

Copy-specific notes

Features of LC copies, 1.7B20

Imperfections or specific features (monographs), 1.7B20

Numbered copies, 2.7B7

Works bound by LC, 2.7B4

Copyright dates

Dates later than current year, 1.4F6

Items lacking publication dates, 1.4F6

Latest copyright date (electronic resources), 9.4F4

Materials other than books and printed serials, 1.4F5

Sound recordings, 1.4F5, 6.4F1

Transcription, 1.4F5

Copyright statements (containing forms of name), 22.3A

Copyright symbols

Transcription (bibliographic records), 1.0E

Corporate bodies as authors of series having no titles, 1.6, 25.5B

Corporate bodies as sponsors of meetings

Added entries, 21.30E

Meetings as subordinate bodies to sponsors, 24.13, TYPE 6

Corporate bodies named prominently (added entries), 21.30E

Corporate main entries, see Main entry headings (corporate names)

Corporate names

see also Corporate names as qualifiers

Corporate names entered directly

Corporate names entered subordinately

AACR2 "compatible" headings (guidelines), 24.1

Abbreviations, 24.1, 26.3A6

Added entries (named on chief sources in conjunction with personal names), 1.1F7

Administrative subordination, 24.13, TYPE 2, 24.18, TYPE 2

Ambiguous entities, 24.1

"And" or ampersands, 24.1, 26.3A6

Armed forces headings, 24.24A

At head of titles (Soviet bloc countries), 24.17

Bodies associated with publication of items (not publishers), 1.4D4

Bodies having changed locations, 24.4C4

Branches, 24.9

British county councils, 24.17

Canadian headings, 24.1

Capitalization of "little words" in English corporate names, A.2A

Catholic dioceses, sees, etc., 24.27C3

Chapters, 24.9

Civil War (U.S.) army units, 24.24A

Closing dates in years of reign or incumbency, 24.20B

Confederate Army units, 24.24A

Conferences, meetings, etc., see Conferences, meetings, etc.

Conflicts, see Conflicts

Contained in meeting or conference names, 21.1B1, 24.13, TYPE 6

Contained in serial titles proper, 12.1B3

Containing entire names of higher or related bodies, 24.13, TYPE 6

Containing entire names of higher or related bodies (references), 24.13, TYPE 6

Containing geographic names, 24.1

Containing ISBD-type punctuation, 1.1B1

Containing names of parent bodies, 24.13, 24.18

Containing personal names (references), 26.3A3

Dashes, 24.1

Delegations (forms of heading), 24.26

"Department" in headings, B.9

Different forms (references), 26.3A3

Directly entered subordinate or related bodies (qualifiers), 24.4C

District councils in England, Scotland, and Wales, 24.17, 24.18, TYPE 6

Earlier/later references, 26.3B-C

Earlier names (667 fields in name authority records), 26.3

Earlier names (covered by one pre-AACR2 heading), 24.1B, 26

Earlier names (covered by one pre-AACR2 heading needed as heading), 24.1B,, 26, 26.3B-C

Earlier names (covered by references to later names), 26.3

Earlier names (establish or not), 26.3B-C

Exhibitions, 21.1B1, 21.1B2

Full forms vs. initials, etc., 24.2D

General designation qualifiers, see General designation qualifiers

Geographic qualifiers (name change), 24.4C4

Government agencies containing names of parent bodies, 24.18

Government bodies exercising full powers of those governments, 24.3E

Government bodies needing qualifiers, 24.4C

Government officials acting in official capacities, 24.20B, 24.20E

Great Britain (regional/district councils), 24.17, 24.18, TYPE 6

Heads of state (references), 26.3B-C

Hierarchies, 24.14, 24.19

Hierarchies (unclear), 1.1F4

How to qualify (government headings), 24.4C

How to qualify (non-government headings), 24.4C

Hyphens, 24.1

In several languages, 24.3A

Incorporation (terms), 24.5C1

Incorporation (terms - references), 26.1

Information/publication agencies, 26.3

Initials (qualifiers and references), 24.4B

Initials, etc., 24.1

Initials, etc. (references), 26.3B-C

Initials, etc., vs. full forms, 24.2D

"Institutions," 24.4C

International bodies (languages), 24.3A

Joint committees, etc. (headings and references), 24.15A

Joint committees, etc., as subordinate bodies (headings and references), 24.15B

Legislative subcommittees (state and federal) and their subordinate units (entry and references), 24.21C

Legislatures and their subordinate units (entry and references), 24.21B

Local churches (forms of entry), 24.13, TYPE 6

Local churches (qualifiers), 24.10B

Military units, etc., 24.24A

Military units (numbered), 24.24A

Minor changes of name, 24.2

National level vs. non-national level (subordination), 24.18, TYPE 3

Non-government bodies needing no qualifiers, 24.4C

Nonroman scripts, 24.1B

Official languages of bodies, 24.3A

Omission of hierarchies, 24.14, 24.19

Orthographic reforms, 24.2C

Performing duets, 24.4B

Plus signs, 26.3A6

Proposed bodies (and subsequent establishment), 24.2

Prosecuting attorneys, 24.23

Punctuation, 24.1

Qualifiers, see Qualifiers (corporate names)

and/or General designation qualifiers

Quotation marks, 24.1

Reasons to change (capitalization), A.2A

Reasons to change (initials vs. full forms), 24.2D

References, 26.3, 26.3A3

References (forms), 26.1

References (from jurisdictions), 26.3A7

References (minor name changes), 24.2

Regional councils (England, Scotland, and Wales), 24.17, 24.18, TYPE 6

Related bodies (establish or not), 26.3B-C

"Royal" privilege terms beginning names (references), 26.3A3

Serial titles proper (containing names), 12.1B3

Ships, 24.4B

Spacing, 24.1

Sports teams, 24.2

State legislative councils, 24.21B

State university statewide systems, 24.13, TYPE 6

Subordinate bodies (containing names or parts of names of higher bodies), 24.13, 24.18

Subordinate bodies (identified by letters or numbers and function words), 24.1

Subordinate bodies (responsible only for preparation), 21.1B2

Surnames, 24.4B

Symbols, trademarks, etc., 24.1

UNESCO national commissions, 24.17, 24.18, TYPE 11

Union Army units, 24.24A

United Nations as a government body, 24.17

University library building names vs. library names, 24.2

Unused subdivisions, 26.3

Variant forms (qualifiers or not), 24.2B

When to change (geographic qualifiers), 24.4C4

Years of reign or incumbency (closing dates in headings), 24.20B

Corporate names as qualifiers

Conferences, meetings, etc., 24.7B

Conflicts (not resolved), 24.4C

Corporate names, 24.4C4

Forms, 24.4C, 24.4C4

Qualifiers to other corporate names (names change), 24.4C4

Qualifiers to uniform titles (names change), 25.5B

Uniform titles, 25.5B

Corporate names as series titles, 25.5B

Corporate names entered directly

see also primarily Corporate names


Containing all or part of the names of parent bodies, 24.13, 24.18

How to qualify, 24.4C

National vs. non-national agencies, 24.18, TYPE 3

References, 26.3A7

When to qualify, 24.4C


Containing all or part of the names of parent bodies, 24.13

How to qualify, 24.4C

When to qualify, 24.4C, 24.13, TYPE 3

Corporate names entered subordinately

see also primarily Corporate names


Bodies exercising all powers of jurisdictions, 24.3E

Consisting of alphabetic or numerical designations, 24.1

Containing all or part of the parent bodies’ names, 24.13, 24.13, TYPE 6, 24.18

Direct or indirect subheadings, 24.19

Hierarchies, 24.19

Joint committees, etc., of common bodies (headings and references), 24.15B

Legislative subcommittees (state and federal) and their subordinate units (entry and references), 24.21C

Legislatures and their subordinate units (entry and references), 24.21B

Major executive agencies (national governments only), 24.18, TYPE 5

References and reference evaluation, 24.18, 24.18, TYPE 2, 26.3A3


College or university units indicating fields of study, etc., 24.13, TYPE 5

Consisting of alphabetic or numerical designations, 24.1

Containing all or part of the parent bodies’ names, 24.13

Containing names of higher or related bodies, 24.13, TYPE 6

Direct or indirect subheadings, 24.19

Guidelines for forms of name, 24.13, TYPE 1-5

Hierarchies, 24.19

Joint committees, etc., of common bodies (headings and references), 24.15B

References and reference evaluation, 24.13

Corporate names (variant forms)

Conflicts with headings or references, 24.4C

Minor changes of name, 24.2

Reference guidelines, 26.3

Country clubs, 24.1

Court decisions, cases, etc.

Briefs, pleas, etc., for one party (choice of entry), 21.36C8

Function designations, 21.36C

Records for one party (choice of entry), 21.36C8

Coutumes, see:

image\POINT_BL.gif Laws (collections)

image\POINT_BL.gif Laws (single)

Covers defined as "preliminaries," Appendix D


Integrated with titles proper, 7.1B1

Crematories, 24.1

Cross references

see also Earlier/later references

Linking references

Reference evaluation

AACR2-d headings (corporate names), 26.1

AACR2-d headings (personal names), 26.1

Agreements (other parties)/uniform titles, 21.35B, 21.35C

Agreements (general revisions), 21.35E2

Cataloger generated references, see Cataloger-generated references

Catholic dioceses, sees, etc., 24.27C3

Civil War (U.S.) army units, 24.24A

Combined prefixes (personal names), 26.2

Combined references, 26.1

"Compatible" headings (corporate names), 26.1

"Compatible" headings (personal names), 26.1

Conferences, 26.3A3

Conflicts (corporate names), 24.4C

Conflicts (personal names), 26.2C

Conflicts (personal names - pseudonyms), 26.2B3

Corporate bodies that change locations, 24.4C4

Corporate names, 26.3, 26.3A3

Corporate names (minor name changes), 24.2

Corporate names (orthographic reforms), 24.2C

Corporate names beginning with terms of royal privilege, 26.3A3

Corporate names containing abbreviations, 26.3A6

Corporate names containing ampersands, 26.3A6

Corporate names containing personal names, 26.3A3

Corporate names entered subordinately, 24.13, 24.18

Corporate names in all capital letters, 24.4B, 26.1, 26.3B-C

Corporate names including names of higher or related bodies, 24.,13, TYPE 6

Corrections to titles proper (Serials and integrating resources), 26.5A

Dates, 26.1

Different entry elements (personal names), 26.2

Different forms (corporate names), 26.3A3

Different forms (personal names), 26.2

Dioceses (Church of England), 24.27C

Earlier/later references made from information references, 26.3B-C

Earlier/later corporate names, 26.3B-C

Earlier/later geographic names, 26.3B-C

Earlier/later named conferences, 26.3B-C

Earlier names of corporate bodies needed as headings, 26.3B-C

Ethiopian names, 22.8

Evaluation for AACR2, see Reference evaluation

Examples (personal names), 26.1

Explanatory references, 22.13, 26.3B-C

Explanatory references (LC practice), 26.2D

Exhibitions, fairs, etc., 26.3A3

Filipino names, 22.5A

Form (general guidelines), 26.1

Form (personal names examples), 26.1

General guidelines, 26.1, 26.2

"General" references no longer made, 26.3B-C

Geographic names, 26.3

Geographic names beginning with articles, 26.3A3

Government agencies at head of title (Soviet bloc countries), 24.17

Government bodies entered subordinately, 24.18, TYPE 2, 26.3A3

Headings including abbreviations, 26.3A6

Heads of state, 26.3B-C

Initial articles, 26.1

Initials and acronyms (corporate headings), 26.3B-C

Initials to full forms (personal names), 26.1

In place of added entries (LC policy), 21.29G, 26.6

Information references (conversion to see also references), 26.3B-C

Information references (LC policy), 26.3B-C

Introductory words to titles proper, 26.5A

Inverted references, 26.3A3

Joint committees, commissions, etc., 24.15A

Joint entities as subordinate bodies, 24.15B

Joint pseudonyms, 26.2D

Jurisdictions enacting legislation/uniform titles, 21.31B1, 21.33A

Languages (corporate and geographic names), 26.3

Languages (personal names), 26.1

Laws (authority records for texts of single laws or subject compilations), 25.15A2

Legislative subcommittees, etc. (state and federal), 24.21C

Linking references, see Linking references (headings)

LSP normalization, 26, 26.1, 26.2, 26.3

Malaysian geographic names, 23.4C

Manuscript repositories, 25.13

Military installations, 23.1

Particles or separately written prefixes (personal names), 26.2

Personal name references (identical to established headings), 26.2C

Personal names, 26.2

Personal names (orthographic reforms), 22.3D

Personal names (conflicting pseudonyms), 26.2B3

Personal names consisting of initials, 22.10, 26.2B2, 26.2B4

Personal names consisting of surnames and associated phrases or terms of address, 22.5D, 22.15A

Personal names entered under given names and associated phrases (exceptional cases), 22.8A1

Personal names entered under last element of multiple surnames (lacking forenames), 22.1B

Personal names in corporate names, 26.3A3

Personal names with prefixes/particles, 22.5D

Pseudonyms on non-separately-published items, 22.2B

Pseudonyms that conflict, 26.2B3

Qualifiers change names, 23.4B, 24.4C4

Qualifiers (corporate names), 24.4B, 26.1

Qualifiers (personal names), 26.1

Reference evaluation, see Reference evaluation

"Relational" reference structures, 26.3B-C

Royal privilege terms, 26.3A3

See also references, see See also references

Serials, 26.5B

Series, 26.5A

Somalian names, 22.8

Sports teams, 24.2

Subordinate units (legislatures), 24.21B

Titles proper (uniform title "Works," etc.), 25.8

Titles of honor, etc. (uses and languages), 26.1

Treaties, etc. (conferences), 21.35A2

Treaties, etc. (form), 26.4B, 26.4C

Treaties, etc. (other parties)/uniform titles, 21.35A1, 21.35A2, 26.4B

Treaties, etc. (general revisions), 21.35E2

Two works issued together - no reference from title proper, 25.7

Typographic styles, 26.1

Uniform titles (single laws), 25.15A2

Unused subdivisions, 26.3

When to update, 26.1

Zairian names, 22.8

Cumulations (serials), 12.0

Currencies, see Prices

Customary laws, see:

image\POINT_BL.gif Laws (collections)

image\POINT_BL.gif Laws (single)

See also: