see also Extent of items

Physical description areas

Unpaged items

Complicated or irregular paginations, 2.5B8

Formal contents notes, 2.7B18

Informal contents notes, 2.7B18

Multipart items, 2.5B20

Parts (printed music), 5.5B2

Parades, 24.7

Parallel titles

Changes (integrating resources), 12.7B5.2

Generic titles proper partially repeated in multiple languages, 5.1B1

Other title information (one language), 1.1E5

Parallel other title information (single titles proper), AACR2 1.1E5

Recording, 1.1D2

Series, 1.6C

Series/subseries, 1.6H6


see also Qualifiers

[Type of items] as qualifiers

Additions of full forms of initials (personal names), 22.18A

Married women using married names and enclosing forenames in parentheses, 22.2A

Scientific names of plants and animals (capitalization and punctuation), A.25

Used in personal names, 22.2A

Parishes (ecclesiastic), 24.3G

Park districts, 23.1

Partial contents, see Contents notes (formal)

Particles, see:

image\POINT_BL.gif Prefixes/particles

image\POINT_BL.gif Personal names

Parts (music)

see also Excerpts (musical works)

Paginations, 5.5B2

Parts of a work

Designations of parts in titles proper (title access), 21.30J

Selecting the title, 25.32A1

Uniform titles, 25.6A, 25.6A2

Uniform titles (references), 26.4D2


see also Conductors (separate entities . . .)

Principal performers

Accompanists as separate entities from corporate bodies accompanied (main and added entries), 21.23C, 21.29D

Accompanying ensembles (unnamed - added entries for individuals), 21.29D

Added entries, 21.29D

Added entries (many performing the same functions), 21.29D

Added entries (omission when belonging to the performing groups given added entries), 21.29D

Added entries (omission when given main entries as principal performers), 21.29D

Added entries (omission when participating in small number of works), 21.29D

Added entries (omission when participation is minor), 21.29D

As members of performing groups given main or added entries, 21.23C

Composers performing own works (added entries), 21.29D

Conductors as separate entities from corporate bodies conducted (main and added entries), 21.23C, 21.29D

Individuals in unnamed accompanying ensembles (added entries), 21.29D

Jazz ensembles (add entries for individual members), 21.29D

Opera companies, houses, etc., 21.29D

Performers not considered contemporary authors, 22.2

Prominence (in relation to other performers and to works performed), 21.23C

Prominence (determining added entries), 21.29D

Sound recordings (definition), 21.23C

Statements of responsibility (popular music), 5.1F1

Statements of responsibility (participation goes beyond performance, execution, interpretation), 6.1F1

Performing groups as authors, 21.1B2


In initials, initialisms, and acronyms, 1.0C

Spacing conventions, 1.0C

Periodicals, see:

image\POINT_BL.gif Serials

image\POINT_BL.gif Occasionally analyzable serials

Personal authorship, see:

image\POINT_BL.gif Main entry headings (personal names)

image\POINT_BL.gif [Type of item]

Personal names

see also Main entry headings (personal names)

Personal names (determination of commonly known forms)

Personal names (different names or forms of name)

Revisions of established headings (personal names)

AACR2 "compatible" guidelines, 22.1

AACR2 forms of name when headings already in use in the catalog, 22.3A

Abbreviations (forenames or surnames), 22.1B

Abbreviations (spacing and punctuation), 22.1B

Abbreviations (surnames by Spanish- and Hungarian-language authors), 22.5C2

Additions, see Additions to personal names

Additions in parentheses of full forms of initials, 22.18A

"Author’s" preference, 22.3A

Arabic names, 22.4, 22.22

Arabic names (English-language reference sources), 22.3C, 22.22

Bishops, etc. (saints), 22.16C

"c" subfields (delimiting), 22.5D

Colophons (forms of name found in items published in the USSR), 22.3A

Composers as authors, 22.1B

Conflicts, see Conflicts

Consisting of all initials (punctuation and references), 1.0C, 22.10, 26.1, 26.2B2, 26.2B4

Copyright statements, 22.3A

Corporate names (references), 26.3A3

Cross references, see Cross references

Cyrillic surnames, 22.3C

Dates in headings, see Additions to personal names

Delimiters, 22.1B, 22.5D

Derived from nonroman scripts (writers in roman-alphabet languages), 22.3C

Determination of commonly known forms, see Personal names (determination of commonly known forms)

Different forms in one work, 22.3A

Directly entered names (delimiting), 22.1B

Double surnames (entries under second element, forenames lacking), 22.5C4

Double surnames (entries under second element, forenames lacking - punctuation and references), 22.1B

Dutch names (entry elements of authors writing in English), 22.5D1

English-language forms of name written in nonroman scripts, 22.3C

Entered under elements following prefixes (spacing and punctuation), 22.1B

Entry elements (Spanish and Hungarian names), 22.5C2

Entry elements (references from different elements), 26.2

Ethiopian names (entry and references), 22.8

Famous people too recent for reference sources (nonroman scripts), 22.3C

Filipino names (form, references, and diacritics), 22.5A

"fl." (resolving conflicts), 22.17, 22.19

Forenames abbreviated (non-initials), 22.1B

Forenames and phrases (punctuation and references for exceptional cases), 22.8A1

Forenames and titles of nobility, 22.6

Forenames and initials (no surnames), 22.10

Full forms of initials added in parentheses, 22.18A

Fullness of forenames, 22.3A, 22.18A

Function designations, 21.0D, 21.27, 21.36C

Government officials acting in official capacities, 24.20E

Heads of state (references), 26.3B-C

Hebrew surnames, 22.3C, 22.4

Hungarian-language authors (abbreviations of surnames), 22.5C2

Hungarian married women with compound surnames, 22.5C5

Indic names (romanized) with initials, 22.3C2

Indonesian names (entry elements), 22.26C1c

Indonesian names (references), 22.26C1c

Initial articles, 22.4

Initials (full forms added in parentheses), 22.5C2, 22.18A

Initials and abbreviations (transcription), 1.0C

Initials (spacing and punctuation), 22.1B

Initials (Spanish and Hungarian surnames), 22.5C2

Japanese priests, 22.16D

Joint pseudonyms (references), 26.2D

Lacking forenames, 22.15A

Lacking forenames (double surnames, entry under second element), 22.5C4

Lacking forenames (double surnames, entry under second element - punctuation and references), 22.1B

Latest forms, 22.3A

Married women (Hungarian) with compound surnames, 22.5C5

Married women (maiden names enclosed within parentheses), 22.2A

Married women (terms of address in names), 22.15B

Married women using husbands’ forenames (full form of initials known), 22.18A

More than one language (doubtful cases), 22.3C

Multiple given names (additions for entries not under first elements), 22.8A2

Multiple headings, 22.2B

Multiple real names (used in different works), 22.2

Musicians (resolving conflicts), 22.19

Names unknown, 22.11D

Nicknames and real names (used simultaneously), 22.2A

Nicknames (parentheses, etc., with real names), 22.2A

Nonroman script names (English-language form likely), 22.3C

Nonwriters, 22.1B

North Indian names, 22.25B1

Orthographic reforms (names of persons), 22.3D

Parentheses, 22.2A

Persons known only by phrases or appellations, 22.1B

Persons of religious vocations entered under given names (titles), 22.16D

Phrases associated (non-English reference sources), 22.8A1

Phrases used as personal name headings (name unknown), 22.11D, 22.19

Portuguese names (forenames lacking), 22.1B, 22.5C4

Prefixes and particles (reference structures), 26.2

Prefixes and particles (spacing and punctuation), 22.1B

Prefixes and particles (placement of delimiters), 22.5D

Prosecuting attorneys, 24.23

Pseudonyms, 22.2, 22.2B

References, see Cross references

Roman-alphabet language authors (names derived from nonroman scripts), 22.3C

Saints (uniqueness of names in reference sources), 22.13B

Saints who are also bishops, etc., 22.16C

Simultaneous use of different names (updating pre-1981 headings to AACR2), 26

Simultaneous use of several names, 22.2B

Somalian names (entry and references), 22.8

Spirits of real persons, 22.14

Spanish-language authors (abbreviations of surnames), 22.5C2

Spanish-language authors (abbreviations of surnames - references), 26.2

Surnames and terms of address used (unused forenames known), 22.5D

Surnames in corporate names, 24.4B

Surnames only used (authors), 22.1B

Surnames only, or surnames and terms of address, used, 22.5D, 22.15A

Surnames only, or surnames and terms of address, used (punctuation and spacing), 22.1B

Surnames only, or surnames and terms of address, used (placement of delimiters), 22.5D

Surnames without forenames (entry under last element), 22.5C4

Surnames without forenames (entry under last element - punctuation and references), 22.1B, 22.5D

Terms of address, etc., and surnames only used, 22.1B, 22.15A

Terms of address, etc. (resolving conflicts), 22.17, 22.19

Theses (forms of name used on theses), 22.3A

Titles of nobility as entry elements of names, 22.6

Titles of nobility vs. personal names, 26.6

Unused names added to resolve conflicts, 22.17

Urdu names, 22.4

Writers using several different names, 22.2B

Yiddish surnames, 22.3C, 22.4

Zairian names (entry and references), 22.8

Personal names (determination of commonly known forms)

Early writers vs. modern reference sources, 22.1B

Fullness of forenames, 22.3A

Persons known only by phrases or appellations, 22.1B

Works issued during and after lifetime, 22.1B

Personal names (different names or forms of name)

AACR2 forms of name when headings already in use in catalog (not yet coded AACR2), 22.3A

Composers, 22.1B

Different forms in one work, 22.3A

Forms most commonly found (fullness of forenames), 22.3A

Fullest forms (forenames), 22.3A

Fullness of names (general guidelines), 22.3A

Multiple real names, 22.2

Multiple real names treated as pseudonyms, 22.2

Persons writing in more than one language (doubtful cases), 22.3B1

Pseudonyms, 22.2B

Simultaneous use of different names, 22.2A, 22.2B

Personal names (variant forms)

see also Personal names (determination of commonly known forms)

Personal names (different names or forms of name)

Citations on name authority records, 26.2

Copyright statements, 22.3A

Different forms in one work, 22.3A

References, 26.2

Variations in fullness of forenames, 22.3A

Photocopies of published works (texts, graphic items, etc.), see Macroreproductions


Commonly associated with names entered under given name (punctuation and references for exceptional cases), 22.8A1

Descriptive phrases for pre-20th century persons, 22.19

Non-English sources commonly associated with names entered under given names, 22.8A1

Personal name headings (names of persons unknown), 22.1B, 22.11D

Phrases vs. series titles, 1.6

Physical description areas

see also Extent of items


Accompanying materials, 1.5E1

Frame counts, 8.5B2

Items in different formats, 1.10, 1.5A3

Leaves or pages of plates, 2.5B9

"Made up" collections, 2.5B18

Production method (cartographic materials), 3.5C3

Specific material designation for updating loose-leafs, 12.5B1

Place names, see Geographic names

Places of publication

see also Publication, distribution, etc., areas

Abbreviations of state names, B.14

CIP items at the galley stage, 1.4D4

Planetariums, 24.1

Plans (Programs), 24.1

Plate numbers

Definition, 5.7B19

Location of notes, 5.7B19


Recording leaves or pages of plates, 2.5B9

"Plucked instruments" vs. "plectral instruments" (music uniform titles), 25.30B5

Poorhouses, 24.1

Pop, folk, ethnic, jazz sound recordings (analytical added entries), 25.34

Popular music folios (main entry), 21.23C

Port authorities, 24.1


see also Personal names

Delimiters, 22.5D

Personal names (references), 22.5D, 26.2

Personal names entered under element following (punctuation and spacing), 22.1B


Glossary entry amplified, Appendix D

Source for series statement, 1.6A2

Prices, 1.8, 1.8E1

Principal performers

see also Performers

Guidelines, 21.23C

Identification, 21.23C

Printing dates, see Dates of manufacture

Privately printed works

Notes, 1.4D1

Publishers, 1.4D1

Production method, 3.5C3

Projects, 24.1

Prominent sources

Conference names, 21.30E

Determination of access points, 21.0B

Performers (added entries), 21.29D

Principal performers, 21.23C

Proposed bodies, 24.2

Prosecuting attorneys of jurisdictions, 24.23

Psalters, 21.11B, 21.39, 25.18A


Multiple real names treated as pseudonyms, 22.2

On non-separately-published items, 22.2B

Use of several pseudonyms, 22.2B

Public celebrations, pageants, anniversaries, 24.7

Publication, see:

image\POINT_BL.gif Publication, distribution, etc., areas

image\POINT_BL.gif Publishers

Publication dates, see Dates of publication

Publication, distribution, etc., areas

see also Dates of publication


Places of publication


Bodies associated with the publication of items, 1.4D4

Bracketing, 1.4G

Capitalization, A.7A

CIP items at the galley stage, 1.4A2, 1.4D4

Elements presented obscurely, 1.4A2

Elements to include/exclude, 1.4D2, 1.4D3, 1.4D4

Hierarchies of commercial publishers, 1.4D2, 1.4D4

Initial articles, 1.0

More than one entity with the same/different functions, 1.4E

Publication information for original editions appearing with titles proper of reprints, 1.11C

Transcription, 1.4D4


see also Distributors

Publication, distribution, etc., areas

Addresses (monographs), 1.4C7

Bodies associated with the publication of items, 1.4D4

Change in name of publisher (serials), 12.4D2

CIP items at the galley stage, 1.4D5

Elements to omit from names (personal names), 1.4D2

Government printers, 1.4D1

Hierarchies, 1.4D2

Multiple publishers, 1.4D4

Parent companies and subsidiaries named in items, 1.4D4

Phrases denoting functions, 1.4E

Private entities, 1.4D1

Published for . . . by . . ., 1.4D3

Publishers and subsidiaries named on items, 1.4D4

Serial titles as publishers, 1.4D2

[S.n.] ("nonromanizing" languages), 1.4D6

Unknown (nonroman script languages), 1.4D6

Publishers (Producers) as qualifiers to uniform titles, 25.5B, 25.8

Publishers’ numbers (music)

Definition, 5.7B19

Location of notes, 5.7B19

Multipart items, 5.7B19

Publishers’ names or other verbal designations, 5.7B19

Transcription, 5.7B19

Two or more distinct numbers, 5.7B19

Publisher’s numbers (sound recordings)

Location of notes, 6.7B19

Set numbers and individual disc numbers, 6.7B19

Transcription, 6.7B19


see also [Various types of publications]

Spacing conventions

Ampersands in corporate names, 24.1

Arabic numerals, C.1

Between areas of description, 1.0C

Contents notes (formal and informal), 2.7B18

Corporate names, 24.1

Corporate or meeting names include ISBD-type punctuation marks, 1.1B1

Dashes in corporate names, 24.1

Delimiters, see Delimiters

Ellipses, see Ellipses

Ends of areas of description, 1.0C

Hyphens in corporate names, 24.1

ISBD-type punctuation marks appearing on title pages, 1.1B1

ISBNs, 1.8

Notes, 1.7A1

Personal names (entry and references), 22.1B

Personal names consisting of initials, 22.10

Personal names entered under elements following prefixes, 22.1B

Personal names entered under given names and associated phrases, 22.8A1

Personal names entered under last element of multiple surnames lacking forenames (entry and references), 22.1B

Personal names with abbreviations or lacking forenames, etc., 22.1B

Personal names with initials or abbreviations, 1.0C, 22.1B

Quotation marks in corporate names, 24.1

Scientific names of plants and animals, A.25

Series added entries, 21.30L

Series numbering, 1.6G

Series of words (English), 24.1

Series of words (English -- in corporate names evaluated for AACR2), 24.1

Title and statement of responsibility areas for items lacking collective titles, 1.1G3

Transcription, 1.0E, 1.1B1

"With" notes, 1.7B21

Uniform title qualifiers, 25.5B

See also: