Races (Contests), 24.7

Radio and television programs

Headings, 25.5B

Railroads, 24.1

Rare books

Copies, issues, editions, etc., 1.0

Descriptive cataloging of books published before 1801, 2.12-2.18

Uniform titles (incunabula), 25.14

Reciprocal notes (editions), 1.7A4

Recreation districts, 23.1

Reference evaluation

"Compatible" headings (corporate names), 26.1

"Compatible" headings (personal names), 26.1

Corporate names entered subordinately, 24.13, 24.18

"Do not make" (keep or delete), 26

Earlier names of a corporate body covered by references to later names, 26.3

"General references," 26.3B-C

Guidelines (constructing references), 26.1

Government bodies entered subordinately, 24.18, TYPE 2

Initialisms, etc., 26.3B-C

Linking references, see Linking references (headings)

"[No publs. in LC database]," 26.3B-C

Scope, 26

See also references, 26.3B-C

Uniform titles, 26

Unused subdivisions of corporate bodies, 26.3

Values in fixed fields, 26

Variant names (personal names), 26.2

When to evaluate, 26

Reference sources

"Conventional" vs. "other," 22.1B

Cyrillic surname headings, 22.3C

Encyclopaedia Judaica, 22.3C

English-language forms of name written in nonroman scripts, 22.3C

Hebrew and Yiddish surname headings, 22.3C

Names written in nonroman scripts, 22.3C

Nonwriters, 22.1B

Persons of recent fame (nonroman script languages), 22.3C

Saints, 22.13B

Supplying phrases or appellations for persons known only by those phrases, 22.1B

U.S. Civil War army units, 24.24A

References, see:

image\POINT_BL.gif Cross references

image\POINT_BL.gif See also references

Regularization of i’s and j’s, 1.0E

Reissues or new editions, 1.0

Related work added entries

see also Analytical added entries

Bible texts, 21.28B

Definition, 21.30M

Form and responsibilities, 21.30G

Format, 21.30M

Linking records for different editions, 1.7A4

Separately cataloged indexes (not made for main work), 21.28B

Separately published issues of periodicals, 21.30G

Serials, 21.28B, 21.30G

Special numbers to serials, 21.30G

Supplements to serials, 21.30G

Related works, 21.28A, 21.28B

Relational" reference structures

Guidelines, 26.3B-C

Instructions and examples, 26.3B-C

"[no publs. in LC database]," 26.3B-C

Religious denominations (works), 21.1B2

Religious titles, etc.

see also Titles of address, etc.

Japanese priests. 22.16D

Persons of religious vocations entered under given names, 22.16D

Remainder distributors, 1.4D4

Remote access

No longer available, 9.7B

Repositories of manuscripts, see Manuscripts

Reproductions (notes), 1.7A4

Republication notes

Definition, 2.7B7

Edition statements, 2.7B7

Elements to include/omit, 2.7B7

Format, 2.7B7

Original series statements not reproduced, 2.7B7

Original editions (notes), 2.7B7

"Previously published" vs. "Originally published," 2.7B7

Series statements, 2.7B7

Sources of information, 2.7B7

Uses in CIP cataloging, 2.7B7


see also Original editions of republications

Dates, etc., of original editions appearing with titles proper of republications, 1.11C

Several independent publications in one volume, 2.7B7

Republications, reissues, etc. (serials or series), 25.5B

Added entry guidelines, 21.30L

Bibliographic units vs. physical units (serials), 12.5B2

Research stations, 24.1

Restaurants, 24.1

Reversed order of names, 21.6C1

Revised editions

Changes of entry, 1.7A4

Changes of entry because of rule change, 1.7A4

Changes of title, 1.7A4

Connecting notes, 1.7A4

Previous editions not in LC, 1.7A4

Previous editions not in MARC, 1.7A4

Reciprocal notes, 1.7A4

Related work added entries, 1.7A4

Revised translations, see Translations

Revisions of established headings

see also Conflicts

Updating pre-AACR2 headings

Revisions of established headings (personal names)

"Author’s" preference, 22.3A

Authors using multiple pseudonyms, 22.2B

Authors using multiple real names, 22.2

Coding of names ("Mrs."), 22.15B

Dates, 22.17

Full names discovered for forename initials, 22.18A

National Library of Medicine headings, 22.3A

Resolving conflicts, 22.17

Surnames only used by authors, 22.1B

Roman numerals

Titles proper (access), 21.30J


Arabic names, 22.22

Chinese, Japanese, and Korean numerals, C.5C

Corporate names, 24.1B

Geographic names supplied by BGN, 23.2

Headings for authors living in 20th century Israel or Palestine, 22.3C

Romanized records, see:

image\POINT_BL.gif "Romanizing" languages bibliographic records

image\POINT_BL.gif Nonroman languages/scripts bibliographic records

Romanizing" languages bibliographic records

Notes, 1.7A3

See also: