Official languages, see Languages (official)

Old age homes, 24.1

Old catalog headings (references), see Linking references (headings)

Omission (marks), see Ellipses

Ongoing conferences, see Conferences, meetings, etc.

Open entries, see:

image\POINT_BL.gif Closing open entries

image\POINT_BL.gif Multipart items

image\POINT_BL.gif Series added entries

Opera companies, houses, etc. (added entries), 21.29D, 21.30E

Opera houses, 24.1

Optional or alternative provisions (decisions)

1.1C, 1.1E5, 1.1F11, 1.2B5, 1.2C4, 1.2C5, 1.2E3, 1.4D2, 1.4D5, 1.4E, 1.4F5, 1.4F7, 1.4F8, 1.4G4, 1.5A3, 1.5B4, 1.5D2, 1.5E1, 1.6G3, 1.8E1, 1.10D1

2.1C, 2.2B3, 2.2B4, 2.4D1, 2.4E, 2.4G2, 2.5B23, 2.5C2, 2.5C5, 2.7B4, 2.8C

3.1C, 3.1G4, 3.2B3, 3.2B4, 3.3B1, 3.3B2, 3.3B4, 3.3C2, 3.3D, 3.4D1, 3.4E, 3.4G2, 3.5B2, 3.5B4, 3.5C6, 3.5D1, 3.5D3, 3.5D5, 3.7B4, 3.8

4.1C, 4.1F2, 4.2B3, 4.5B2, 4.5B3, 4.7B4

5.1C, 5.2B3, 5.2B4, 5.3, 5.4D1, 5.4E, 5.4G2, 5.5B1, 5.5B3, 5.7B4

6.1C, 6.1G4, 6.2B3, 6.2B4, 6.4D1, 6.4E, 6.4G2, 6.5B1, 6.5C8, 6.7B4

7.1B2, 7.1C, 7.1G4, 7.2B3, 7.2B4, 7.4D1, 7.4E, 7.4F2, 7.4G2, 7.5B1, 7.5B2, 7.7B4

8.1C, 8.2B3, 8.2B4, 8.4D1, 8.4E, 8.4G2, 8.5B6, 8.5C1g, 8.7B4

9.1C, 9.1G1, 9.1G4, 9.2B3, 9.2B6, 9.4D1, 9.4E, 9.4F4, 9.4G2, 9.5B1, 9.5B3, 9.5C2, 9.5D1, 9.7B4

10.1C, 10.2B3, 10.2B4, 10.4D1, 10.4E, 10.4G3, 10.5B1, 10.7B4

11.1C, 11.2B4, 11.1G1, 11.1G4, 11.2B3, 11.4D1, 11.4E, 11.5B1, 11.7B4

12.1C, 12.2B3, 12.4D1, 12.4E, 12.4G3, 12.7B4.1, 12.7B8a, 12.7B8c, 12.7B8d,

21.18B, 21.27, 21.28A, 21.29G, 21.30L, 21.36C1-9

22.3C, 22.18A

24.1B, 24.3A, 24.7B2

25.2A, 25.5D

26.1A, 26.2D2, 26.6

Options, see Optional or alternative provisions (decisions)

Opus numbers

Parallel title statements, 5.1B1

Uniform titles (abbreviations, numerical transcription), 25.31A1

Orchestras of opera companies, see Opera companies, houses, etc. (added entries)


Added entries, 21.29

Information on chief sources (publication, distribution, etc. areas), 1.4D1

Multiple ISBNs, 1.8

Ordinal numbers, C.8

In series statements, 1.6G

Original editions of republications

Dates and/or places of publication appearing with titles proper, 1.11C

Dates of publication (notes), 2.7B7

Notes, 2.7B7

Sources of information, 2.7B7

Orphanages, 24.1

Orthographic reforms

Corporate names, 24.2C

Personal names, 22.3D

Series statements, 25.3A

Titles proper, 25.3A

Transcription, 25.3A

Uniform titles (monographs), 25.3A

Other title information

see also Other title information (music)

Changes in other title information (integrating resources), 12.7B6.2

Formal contents notes, 2.7B18

Linking notes (serials), 12.7B8

Main title-part title, 1.1E5

More than one language, AACR2 1.1E5

Only one language, 1.1E5

Phrases on title pages referring to appendices, subsidiary texts, etc., 1.1E

Single statements applying to several titles proper, 1.1G3

Other title information (music)

Musical presentation statements, 5.2B1

Distinctive titles, 5.1B1

Generic titles with partial repetition in multiple languages, 5.1B1

Repetitions (partial) in multiple languages, 5.1B1

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