Labels, see Stamps or labels

Language notes

Form, 1.7B2

Language notes vs. languages in uniform titles, 1.7B2

Languages requiring notes, 1.7B2

Summaries, 2.7B18

Uses, 1.7B2

Vocalized title pages, 1.7B2


see also Languages (official)

Multilingual works


Corporate names, 24.3A

Cross references (personal names), 26.1

Cross references (corporate names), 26.3

Forms of name, 1.7B2

Greek, see Greek (language name)

Notes (language of items unclear from title transcriptions), 1.7B2

Personal names, 22.3B1

Requiring literary form notes, 2.7B1

Uniform title headings, 25.5C

Languages (official)

Chief sources of information, 1.0A3

Corporate bodies, 24.3A

Latvian capitalization, A.53

Laws (collections)

Added entries, 25.15A1

Changes in titles, 25.15A1

Codes of U.S. states, 25.15A1

Collections other than U.S. states, 25.15A1

Coutumes, 21.31B, 21.31C

Coutumes (homologated as statutes), 21.31C

Customary laws, 21.31B, 21.31C

Customary laws (as statutes), 21.31B

Customary laws (homologated as statutes), 21.31C

Customary laws (notes for dates decreed), 21.31B

Session laws (U.S. states), 21.2C, 25.15A1

Subject compilations lacking citation titles and collective titles, 25.15A1

Titles (capitalization), A.20

Uniform titles, 25.15A1

Uniform titles (parts of collections), 25.15A1

Laws (single)

Coutumes (notes for dates decreed), 21.31B

Coutumes (uniform titles), 21.31B

Customary laws (notes for dates decreed), 21.31B

Customary laws (uniform titles), 21.31B

Jurisdictions that changed, 21.31B1

Official short titles or citation titles containing names of jurisdictions (headings and references), 25.15A2

Uniform titles, 25.15A2

Updating uniform titles to AACR2, 26

Lecture series, 1.6

Legislative bodies (successively numbered), 24.21D

Lengths, see Durations


see also Initials, initialisms, and acronyms

Antiquated forms, 1.0E

Corporate names, 24.1

Designating subordinate bodies, 24.1

Not associated with series titles (monographs and serials), 1.6

Series numbering, 1.6G

Series titles, 1.6B

Titles proper (access), 21.30J

Library’s holdings notes (monographs), 1.7B20

Librettos, 21.28A

Ligatures, 1.0E

Limited edition notes, 2.7B7

Line below letters, 1.0E

Linking notes

Editions, 1.7A4

Serials, 12.7B8

Linking references (headings)

AACR2 changes only, 26

As valid cross references, 26

Distribution, 26

Function, 26

NACO uses, 26

Name authority records, 26

Uniform titles, 26, 25.1

When inappropriate, 26

When to trace, 26

Linking references (series/serials)

In series authority record, 26.5A

Series uniform titles that have changed, 25.5B

Successive entries, 25.5B

Uniform title changes, 25.5B

Literary forms of items (notes), 2.7B1

Lithuanian capitalization, A.54

Liturgical titles

Choice of entry for liturgical works, 21.1B2

Generic terms (music uniform titles), 25.29A

Languages (uniform titles), 25.19

Omission of media of performance (music uniform titles), 25.29A

Plural forms (music uniform titles), 25.29A

Liturgical works, 21.39

Local churches

Local churches vs. parishes, 24.3G

Qualifiers, 24.10B

Local notes, 1.7B20

Local places vs. institutions (qualifiers for conferences, meetings, etc.), 24.7B

Logos, see Symbols

Loose-leaf items, see Integrating resources

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