Dance halls, 24.1

Dashes (corporate names), 24.1


Original publication dates given in titles, 1.11C

Titles proper (access instructions), 21.30J

Dates as qualifiers (conference headings)

Authority records vs. bibliographic records (ongoing conferences), 24.7B

Ongoing conferences (conflicts), 24.7B

Dates as qualifiers (corporate names)

Closing dates of reign or incumbency, 24.20B

Exhibitions, fairs, festivals, etc., with dates in names, 24.8B

Expeditions, 24.7

Heads of government acting in official capacities, 24.20B

Meetings with dates in names, 24.7B

U.S. Civil War units, 24.24A

Dates as qualifiers (personal names), see Additions to personal names

Dates as qualifiers (uniform titles)

Reprints, 25.5B

Serials and series, 25.5B

"Works" and "Selections," 25.8

Dates of composition, 5.1B1

Dates of issue

Dates (immediately succeeding serials), 12.7B8a

Dates of publication (first issues later than subsequent issues), 1.4F8

Government documents, 2.7B9

Dates of manufacture

Inferred dates of publication, 1.4F2

On items lacking publication dates, 1.4F6

Phrases denoting, 1.4F6

Dates of original publications in titles, 1.11C

Dates of production

Different media, 7.7B7, 8.7B7

Same medium, 7.4F2, 7.7B7

Dates of publication

see also Copyright dates

Analytical added entries, 21.30M, 25.8

CIP items at the galley stage, 1.4F1

Copyright dates (substitution), 1.4F6, 9.4F4

Copyright dates differ (other than books and printed serials), 1.4F5

Dates later than current year, 1.4F1

Dates of manufacture (substitution), 1.4F6

Given in titles, 1.11C

Gregorian dates vs. non-Gregorian dates, 1.4F1

Inferred dates, 1.4F2, 1.4F6, 2.7B9, 6.4F1; also AACR 1.4F7

Issue dates, 2.7B9

Items lacking edition statements, 1.4F1

Items lacking dates, 1.4F6

Multipart items, 1.4F8

Multiple dates (qualifications), 1.4F8

Multiple dates (U.S. Congressional documents), 1.4F2

Multiple dates on items, 1.4F2

Notes (serials), 12.7B11.2

Original publication dates given in titles, 1.11C

Qualifications, 1.4F8

Release or transmittal dates, 2.7B9

"Selections" (music uniform titles), 25.34

Sound recordings with only © date, 6.4F1

Temporary dates, 1.4F8

Use of other dates (dates of publication lacking), 1.4F6

Dates of release or transmittal, 2.7B9

Degree signs, 1.0E

Delegations to international and intergovernmental bodies

Authority records (serials vs. monographs), 24.26

Forms of heading, 24.26

Deleting initial articles, see Initial articles


245 fields, 21.30J

Personal names (supplied by catalogers), 22.1B, 22.5D

Separate names from additions, 22.1B, 22.5D


Books published before 1801, 1.0G

Capital letters (French, Portuguese, Spanish), 1.0G

Filipino names, 22.5A

Ligatures, 1.0E

Transcription, 1.0E

Transcription (antiquated forms), 1.0E

Dialects, see Languages


Change in for integrating resources, 12.5D2

Containers, 1.5D2

Direct or indirect subheadings, 24.14, 24.19

Directly entered corporate bodies, see Corporate names entered directly

Directly entered personal names

Delimiters, 22.1B

Romanized JACKPHY records, 22.1B

Discographies, 2.7B18

Dispersed distribution, 1.4D4

Dissertation notes, see Thesis notes

Distribution, see:

image\POINT_BL.gif Distributors

image\POINT_BL.gif Publication, distribution, etc., areas

Distribution symbols

see also Cross references

Bibliographic records (literary form notes), 2.7B1


see also Publication, distribution, etc., areas

CIP items at the galley stage, 1.4D4

Dispersed distribution, 1.4D4

Music publications, 5.4D1

On jackets, 1.4D4

Phrases denoting function, 1.4E, 1.4E1

Remainders, 1.4D4

Second-hand dealers, 1.4D4

Sound recordings, 6.4D1

Sources of information, 1.4D4

Stamps or labels, 1.4D4

U.S. government publications, 1.4D4

District attorneys (forms of heading), 24.23

District of Columbia

City Council enactments, 21.31B1

vs. Washington, D.C., 23.2

Documents, see Government documents

Double underscores (special letters), 1.0E

Duets (qualifiers), 24.4B

Duplicates (identification), 1.0

Durations (audiovisual materials)

Contents notes, 8.7B18

Frame counts, 8.5B2

Durations (sound recordings)

Additions (parts of works), 6.7B10

"ca.," 6.5B2, 6.7B10

Locations of statements, 6.7B10

Omissions, 6.5B2, 6.7B10

Rounding-off seconds, 6.7B10

Total durations (sound recordings containing more than one work), 6.5B2

Total durations (optional statements when sound recordings contain more than one work), 6.5B2

See also: