I vs. J, 1.0E, 25.1

Illustrated texts, 21.11B


Description, 2.5C2

Identical items, AACR2 1.5B1

Transcribing from chief sources, 1.1F15


Headings, 21.0D, 21.30K2

Imperfect copies

Notes, 1.7B20

Imprints/imprint positions, see Publication, distribution, etc., areas

Inaccuracies, misspellings, etc., serial, series titles, 1.6B

Inch/inches symbols, 1.0E

Incorporation (terms)

Corporate names, 24.5C1

Serial titles recorded as publishers, 1.4D2


Descriptive cataloging, 2.12-2.18

Uniform titles, 25.14

Independent entries of part titles, 25.6A

Independently issued works

Bound together, 1.7B21

Republished together, 2.7B7


Notes, 2.7B18

Separately cataloged, 21.28B

Serial (treatment), 1.5E1, 21.28B

Indic names

Initials, 22.3C2

Individual works of art

Uniform titles, 25.3A, 25.4A, 25.5B

Information/publication agencies (guidelines), 26.3

Information references

see also primarily "Relational" reference structures

Eliminating, 26.3B-C

Replaced by "relational" reference structures, 26.3B-C

Initial articles

Cross references, 26.1

Geographic names, 23.2

Geographic names (references), 26.3A3

Omitted, 21.30J

Personal names, 22.4

Traced series, 21.30L

Transcription, 1.0

Uniform titles, 25.1

Initialisms, see Initials, initialisms, and acronyms

Initials, see Initials, initialisms, and acronyms

Initials, initialisms, and acronyms

see also Letters

Abbreviations instead (personal names), 22.1B

Conference names combining acronyms or initialisms and abbreviated date, 1.0C, 21.1B1, 24.7A, 24.7B

Corporate names (spacing and punctuation), 24.1

Corporate names consisting of initials (forms of heading), 24.2D

Corporate names consisting of or containing initials (references), 26.1, 26.3B-C

Corporate names in all capital letters (qualifiers and references), 24.4B, 26.1

Cross references containing or consisting of initials (personal names), 26.1, 26.2B2, 26.2B4

Cross references containing or consisting of initials (corporate names), 26.3B-C

Full forms in parentheses (no conflict personal names), 22.18A

Hungarian-language surnames, 22.5C2

Other title information (Serials and integrating resources), 21.30J

Personal names consisting of initials, 22.10, 26.1, 26.2B2, 26.2B4

Personal names containing or comprising initials (form), 22.1B

Punctuation, 1.0C

Punctuation (corporate names), 24.1

Punctuation (personal names), 22.1B

Spacing conventions, 1.0C

Spacing conventions (corporate names), 24.1

Spacing conventions (personal names), 1.0C, 22.1B

Spanish-language surnames, 22.5C2

Titles consisting of acronyms or initialisms, 12.1B2, 21.30J

Titles proper (title access), 21.30J

Insignia, see Symbols


Forms of name, 24.4C

Thesis notes, 1.7B13

Institutions vs. local places (qualifiers for conferences, meetings, etc.), 24.7B

Instrumental music

"Instrumental ensemble" as statements of medium in microform titles, 25.30B5

Uniform titles (more than one performer to a part) [rule correction], 25.30B5

Integrated titles

Uniform titles beginning with statements of responsibility, 25.3B

Integrating resources

Bibliographic history note, 12.7B8

Changes in dimensions, 12.5D2

Changes in edition information (updating loose-leafs), 12.7B9.2

Changes in other title information, 12.7B6.2

Changes in parallel titles, 12.7B5.2

Changes in title other than title proper, 12.7B4.1

Changes in title proper and ISSNs, 12.7B4.2

Changes in type and extent of resource area notes, 12.7A2

Changes of persons or bodies responsible, 21.3B

Dates of publication (updates expected), 1.4F8

Extent of item (updating loose-leafs), 12.5B1, 12.5B2

Frequency, 12.7B1

Identification of iterations in notes, 12.7A2

In one or more series, 21.30L

Language of notes, 12.7A2

Loose-leaf services, 12.0

Monograph vs. serial vs. integrating resources, 1.0

Notes on changes in type and extent of resource area, 12.7A2

Title conflict resolution, 25.5B

Updating loose-leafs, 21.3B

Intellectual levels

Notes, 2.7B14

International phonetic alphabet, 1.0E

International standard book numbers, see ISBNs

International standard numbering system, 1.8

Internet, see Integrating resources

Inverted exclamation marks, 1.0E

Inverted question marks, 1.0E

Inverted references

Conferences, fairs, etc., 26.3A3

Government bodies, 26.3A3

IPA, see International phonetic alphabet

ISBD marks of punctuation appearing on title pages, 1.1B1

ISBNs, 1.8

see also Standard numbers

Explanation of ISBNs, 1.8

Invalid ISBNs, 1.8

Multiple ISBNs given in items (order of transcription), 1.8

Multiple ISBNs given in items (qualifiers), 1.8

Multiple ISBNs, 1.8B2

Nine-digit numbers, 1.8

Order, 1.8

Punctuation and paragraphing, 1.8

Qualifiers, 1.8, 1.8B2

Serials, 12.8B1

Ten-digit numbers, 1.8

Thirteen-digit numbers, 1.8

Transcription, 1.8

Islands and island groups

Headings, 23.4B

Places in Hawaii, 23.4F1

Places on islands, 23.4F2


see also Standard numbers

And changes in title proper (integrating resources), 12.7B4.2

Main series only, 1.6H7

Series statements, 1.6F

Traced series, 21.30L


Change of issuance, 1.0

Monograph vs. serial vs. integrating resource, 1.0

Issued in parts, see Notes

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