Table of contents

Languages, 1.7B2

Teachers’ manuals, see Accompanying materials

Telephone calls

Personal name conflicts, 22.17

Television programs, see Radio and television programs

Temporary data (monographs)

Bibliographic volumes issued as one physical volume later expanded to several physical volumes, 2.5B18

Terms of address, etc., see Titles of address, etc.

Terms of availability, see Prices

Terms of honor, etc., see Titles of address, etc.

Theses (forms of personal names), 22.3A

Thesis notes

Academic degrees (terms), 1.7B13

Institutions and places, 1.7B13

Thorough basses, see Continuos (Uniform titles)

Three dots, see Ellipses

Title added entries

246 field and initial articles, 21.30J

Abbreviations, 21.30J

Alternative titles, 21.30J

Ampersands, 21.30J

"Annual reports," 21.30J

Arabic numerals, 21.30J

Binders’ titles, 2.7B4

Collective titles, 21.30J

Contractions, 1.0E

Corrected titles, 21.30J

Dates, 21.30J

Guidelines, 21.30J

[i.e.] or [sic], 21.30J

Initial articles omitted, 21.30J

Initialisms or acronyms, 21.30J

Items lacking collective titles, 21.30J

Letters, 21.30J

Limitation on numbers of special cases, 21.30J

MARC tagging information, 21.30J

Non-MARC bibliographic records, 21.30J

Numbers, 21.30J

Other title information, 21.30J

Partial titles, 21.30J

Parts of works, 21.30J

Roman numerals, 21.30J

Romanized titles, 1.7B4

Series statements appearing only on jackets or in bibliographies, 1.6A2

[sic] or [i.e.], 21.30J

Statements of responsibility begin titles proper, 21.30J

Symbols, signs, etc., 1.0E, 21.30J

Titles consisting solely of the words "Annual report," 21.30J

Titles proper consisting of more than one title, 21.30J

Titles similar to headings, 21.30J

Uniform titles, 21.30J

With uniform title, 21.30J

Title main entries vs. corporate main entries, 21.1B2

Title main entries vs. personal main entries, 21.1C

"Title on added title page" notes, 2.7B4

Title pages, see:

image\POINT_BL.gif Chief sources of information

image\POINT_BL.gif Series title pages

Titles, parallel, see Parallel titles

Titles as acronyms or initialisms, 1.1E1

Titles of address, etc.

Coding of a name for AACR2, 22.15B

Cross references (uses and languages), 26.1

Delimiters, 22.1B, 22.5D

Names entered under elements following prefixes, 22.1B

Persons of religious vocations entered under given names, 22.16D

Punctuation and spacing, 22.1B

Resolving conflicts, 22.17, 22.19

Surnames and titles only used, 22.15A

Titles following forename (Mrs.), 22.15B

Titles of nobility as entry elements of names, 22.6

Titles of nobility as entry elements of names (use of forenames), 22.6

Titles proper

Abbreviations of corporate body names (as parts of titles proper - serials), 12.1B3

Access guidelines, 21.30J

Access (items containing more than one title), 21.30J

Acronyms or initialisms, 1.1E1

Acronym/initialism (Serials and integrating resources), 21.30J

Added entries, see Title added entries

Ampersands (first five words), 21.30J

"Annual report," 21.30J

Changes (integrating resources) and ISSNs, 12.7B4.2

Changes (monographic series), 21.2C

Changes (multipart items), 21.2A1

Changes (serials - definition), 21.2C

Changes vs. variations (serials), 21.1A

Chronological designations omitted (serials), 12.1B7

Common titles and section titles (serials), 12.1B4

Conflicts, 25.5B

Corporate body names included (serials), 12.1B3

Credits integrated, 7.1B1

Dates, etc., of original publication appearing with titles proper of reprint editions, 1.11C

Dates (Japanese), C.5C

Dates or numbering at end (serials), 12.1B7

Dates or numbering that vary from issue to issue (serials), 12.1B7

Definition (items lacking collective titles), 21.30J

Documents (capitalization), A.20

Electronic serials that don't retain earlier titles, 12.7B4.2

Elements to include and exclude (serials), 12.1B3

[i.e.] or [sic], 21.30J

Initial articles, 1.0

Introductory wording (added entry), 21.30J

Introductory wording (capitalization), A.4A1, A.4D1

Introductory wording (reference), 26.5A

Introductory wording (transcription), 1.1B1

Legal collections (capitalization), A.20

Moving image material, 7.1B1

Music (generic titles with partial repetition in multiple languages), 5.1B1

Omissions (serials), 12.1B7

Popular journals, 1.1B1

Section titles (serials), 12.1B4

Series title grammatically connected to title of item, 1.6

Several languages or scripts, 2.7B4

[sic] or [i.e.], 21.30J

Signs and symbols (first five words), 21.30J

Sound recordings, 6.1B1

Statements of responsibility begin (title access instructions), 21.30J

Statements of responsibility begin (uniform titles needed), 25.3B

Variant titles, see Titles proper (variant forms)

Words in old orthographies, 25.3A

Titles proper (variant forms), 1.7B4

Access, 21.30J

Added title pages, 2.7B4

Binders’ titles, 2.7B4

Format of notes, 2.7B4

Hebrew texts (English titles on versos of title pages), 2.7B4

Notes, 1.7B4, 2.7B4

Notes for sources, 2.7B4

Other languages, 2.7B4

Serials, 21.2C

Sources, 2.7B4

Titles proper vs. statements of responsibility, 6.1B1

Tournaments, 24.6

Townships, see:

image\POINT_BL.gif Geographic names, Townships

image\POINT_BL.gif Conflicts, Townships

Tracings, see Added entries


see also Multilingual works

Added entries for translators, 21.30K1

Collections (uniform titles), 25.11

Notes, 1.7B2

Revised translations (notes), 1.7A4

Travel guides

Monograph vs. serial, 1.0

Treaties, international agreements, etc.

References (form), 26.4B, 26.4C

References in lieu of added entries (conferences), 21.35A2

References in lieu of added entries (other parties), 21.35A1, 21.35A2, 21.35B, 21.35C

References in lieu of added entries (general revisions), 21.35E2

Tribes, 24.1

Type of issuance, 1.0

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