see also General designation qualifiers

Conflicts, 24.4C

Corporate names, see Corporate names as qualifiers

Dates, see Dates as qualifiers

and/or Additions to personal names

Geographic names, see Geographic names as qualifiers

Military installations, 23.1

Multiple qualifiers, 24.4B

Thesis notes, 1.7B13

Qualifiers (conference headings)

Conflicting ongoing named conferences, 24.7B

Dates as part of meeting names, 1.0C, 24.1, 24.7A, 24.7B

Electronic conferences, 24.7B

Local places vs. institutions, 24.7B

Omitted from references, 26.3A3

Ongoing conferences, 24.7A, 24.7B

Qualifiers (corporate names)

see also General designation qualifiers

Choice, 24.4C

Corporate names, 24.4C, 24.4C5

Corporate names in all capital letters, 24.4B, 26.1

Directly entered government bodies, 24.4C

Independent non-government bodies, 24.4C

Local churches, 24.10B

Form, 24.4C

Geographic names, 24.4C

Multiple qualifiers, 24.10B

Not required, 24.4C

References, 26.1

Required/not required by variant forms, 24.2B

Qualifiers (geographic names)

City sections, 23.4F2

Great Britain, 23.4D

Islands and island groups, 23.4B

Local places in Hawaii, 23.4F1

Names qualified have earlier/later names, 23.4B

Not needed, 23.4B

Qualifiers change names (names qualified do not), 23.4B, 24.4C4

Resolving conflicts, 23.4F1

States, provinces, etc., 23.4C

Succession of jurisdictions with the same names, 24.6

Types of jurisdictions, 24.6

Washington (State), 24.6

Qualifiers (personal names), see Additions to personal names

Qualifiers (uniform titles), 25.5B

Choice, 25.5B

Choreographic works, 25.5B

Collective uniform titles, 25.8, 25.5B

Corporate names, 24.4C, 25.5B

Dates, 25.5B

Edition statements, 25.5B

Electronic resources, 25.5B

Form, 25.5B

Laws, 25.15A1

Places of publication (series/serials), 25.5B

Quotation marks

Corporate names, 24.1

Quoted notes

Bibliographic, etc., 2.7B18

Dates of release or transmittal, 2.7B9

Lecture series, 1.6

Letters and/or numbers unassociated with series statements, 1.6

Nonroman data, 1.7A3

Phrases rejected as series, 1.6

Romanized data, 1.7A3

Series consisting solely of commercial publishers’ names or corporate bodies’ initials, 1.6

Series consisting solely of letters and/or numbers, 1.6

Sources for information quoted, 1.7A3

Use, 2.7B18

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