Bars, 24.1

Basso continuos, see Continuos (Uniform titles)

Belles lettres items

Added entries for translators, 21.30K1

Notes (literary form), 2.7B1

BGN, see U.S. Board on Geographic Names

Biblical figures, 22.19

Bibliographic data sheets as "preliminaries," Appendix D

Bibliographic descriptions

Spacing conventions, 1.0C

Bibliographic notes, see Notes and/or [specific type of note]

Bibliographic records

520 field, 2.7B17

Bibliographies containing series statements, 1.6

Bilingual editions and dictionaries (chief source of information), 1.0A3

Binder’s titles

Added entries, 2.7B4

Notes, 2.7B4


see also Formats (various)

Binding types (qualifier to standard number), 2.8D2

CIP items, 1.0

ISBNs (choice, order, and qualifications), 1.8

Prices, 1.8

Variations (edition or copy?), 1.0

Biological stations, 24.1

Board on Geographic Names (U.S.), see U.S. Board on Geographic Names

Boards of trade (Chambers of commerce), 24.1

Books published before 1801

see also Incunabula

Rare books

Descriptive cataloging, 2.12-2.18

Uniform titles, 25.14

"Bound with" notes, 1.7B21

Botanical gardens, 24.1


Alphabetic, numeric, or chronological designations of serials, 12.3B1

Bracketed material in titles proper, 21.30J

Dates and places of manufacture, 1.4G

Publication, distribution, etc., information from stamps or labels, 1.4A2

Uniform titles (name authority and bibliographic records), 25.1

Branches of corporate bodies, 24.9

British Library

Geographic names, 23.2

British terms of honor, 22.1C

Business firms

Terms of incorporation, 24.5C1

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