RBMS Bibliographic Standards Committee, Preface, VII, 7A1.4

RDA, Preface, VII

Reference sources, notes on, 4D3, 6A2.5, 7A1.3, 7B14, 7B19.3.7

Reissues, 2D

Required elements, 0B1

Required notes, 7A1.5

accompanying material, 5E2

advertisements, 5B5.2

bibliographic volumes different from physical volumes, 5B16

chronograms, 4D2.2

collection-level records, Appendix B4 (500)

conjectural dates of publication, 4D4

date of publication, 4D2.5, 4D8

devised titles, Appendix B4 (500)

discontinued publications, 5B20

double leaves, 5B11

edition statement, 2B11, 2D2 (Alternative rule), 7B7.1

edition statement lacking, 2B5.1

errata leaves, 5B4

fascicles, 5B15.2

hand-colored illustrations, 5C3.2

inaccuracies, 4A4, 4B9, 4C5

information covered by labels, 4A5

made-up sets, 2B11.3

minimal-level records, Appendix E1.2

physical description area, 5B1.3-5B1.4

place of publication in multipart monographs, 4B7

publisher statements, 4C4.1, 4C7, 4C8

romanization, 0F2.1, 7B2.2, 7B4.1

series, 7B12

sources of information, 0D, 2A2, 4B12.3, 4D2.3, 4D3, 4D6, 6A2.2

statements of responsibility not on title page, 1E2

title page counted as plate, 5B9.4

title proper, 1B2, 1B5, 1B6, 7B3.1, Appendix C3 (500)

transposition, 1B1.2, 1E3, 2B7, 2B9, 2C2, 2C3.3, 2C4.3, 4A3.2, 4B13.1, 4C11.1, 6C1, 6E1, 6G1.1, 6H1

"With", 1G8, Appendix C3 (500)

See also Note area


edition statement, 2B2.1, 2D

notes on, 7B7.2

of dissertations, 7B13

statements of responsibility, 2E

Roman numerals

date in, 0G3.4, 0G4.1, 4D2.1

in pagination, 5B1.3, 5B6.1

punctuation within, 0G3.4

in series numbering, 6G1.2

spacing within, 0G4.1, 4D2.1

uppercase or lowercase, 0G2.1, 5B1.3

Romanization, 0F1.2, 0F2, 7B2.2, 7B4.1

See also Nonroman scripts

Romanization tables, 7B9.8-10, Appendix F2 (0F1.1)

Rubrication, 7B19.1.3

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