Names, See Statements of responsibility

Names, variant forms of, See Variant forms of name

Names of manufacturers, See Manufacturers

Names of publishers, distributors, etc., See Publishers, distributors, etc.

New Style calendar, See Gregorian calendar

"Newly printed" in edition statement, 2B2.2

"No more published" note, 5B20

Nonarabic and nonroman numerals

in pagination, 5B1.3

in signatures, 7B9.3, 7B9.7

Nonbook formats and "dcrmb" code, Appendix A7

Non-letterpress leaves or pages, 0C2, 5B1.4

Nonroman scripts

in signatures, 7B9.8-7B9.11

in title proper, Appendix F2 (0F1.1)

notes on use of, 7B2.2

See also Language


"Not in" notes, 7B14.3

Note area, VIII.2, 7, Appendix B4 (5XX), Appendix C3 (5XX)

form and order of information, 7A-7B

prescribed punctuation, 7A2, 7A4.1-7A4.2

See also Notes

Notes, VIII.2

accompanying material, 7B11

adaptations, 7B2

artists' books, 7B10.4

attributions, 7B6.3

bibliographic citations, See Notes: references to published descriptions

binding, 7B10.4

blank spaces, 0G7.3

collation, 7B9.12

collection-level, Appendix B5.1

contents, 7B16, Appendix B4 (5XX)  See also Contents notes

contractions, 7B4.2

discontinued publications, 5B20

dissertations, 7B13, Appendix C3 (502)

edition and bibliographic history, 7A5.1, 7B7

ellipses, square brackets and virgules, 0G3.5

false attributions, 7B6.3.3

folded letterpress leaves, 5B9.3

form of notes, 7A4

illustrations, 7B10.3

incunabula, 7B10.2

language and script of publication, 7B2

limitation, statement of, 7B7.3-7B7.5

linking entry complexity, Appendix B4 (580)

multipart monographs, 7B3.2, 7B16.1

nature, scope, or artistic form, 7B1

"Not in" reference sources, 7B14.3

numbers borne by publication, 7B17

other manifestations and works, 7A5.2

other title information, 1D2.3, 7B5

parallel titles, 7B5

physical description, 5B1.3, 5B17.2, 7B10

plates, 5B9.4, 5B19

publication details, 7B8

references to published descriptions, 7A1.3, 7B14, Appendix C3 (510)

revisions, 7B7.2, 7B13

series, 7B12

signatures, 7B9

source of description, 7B3.2

source of title proper, 1B2

sources of information, 7A3

statements of responsibility, 1E9, 7B6

summary of contents, 7B15, Appendix B4 (520)

symbols, 0G1.2

transcription of letters V/W, Appendix G5.2

translations, 7B2

turned and approximated letters, 0G7.2

variations in title, 7B4

"with", 1G8, 7B18, 7B19.1.3, 7B19.3.4, Appendix C3 (501)

See also Copy-specific notes

Local notes

Required notes

Nouns and noun phrases, See Words or phrases

Numbering, See Multipart monographs; Pagination; Series: numbering

Numbers, See Standard numbers

Numbers associated with item

notes on, 7B17

within series, See Series: numbering

Numerals, 6G1.2

See also Arabic numerals

Nonarabic and nonroman numerals

Roman numerals

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