Calendars, Gregorian/Julian, See Gregorian calendar

Call number fields, change to commas in, Appendix C3 (

Cancellation, definition of, Glossary

Cancelled title pages, Appendix E1.2

Capital letters, See Case, conversion of; Chronograms

Capitalization, 0G2

of letters I/J and U/V, Appendix G4.2

Caption titles

as form of title proper, 1B3.4

as source of information, 1B2

notes on, 7B3.1

single-sheet publications, 1G4

title access points, Appendix F2 (7B4-7B5)

See also Titles: variant

Case, conversion of, 0G2

of I/J and U/V, Appendix G4.2

of W, Appendix G5.2

Cataloging source field, Appendix C3 (040)

chi, in signature statements, 7B9.3

Chief source of information, 0C

information taken from sources other than, 0G5.3

items lacking title proper, 1B5

single-sheet publications, 1G1

See also Sources of information

Chief title

definition of, Glossary

single-sheet publications, 1G3

transcription of, 1B7.3

See also Title proper

Chronograms, 0G2.4, 4D2.2

definition of, Glossary

Citation, bibliographic, preferred form of, See Bibliographic citations, preferred form

Citation of collection, preferred form of, Appendix B4 (524)

Collaborators, See Shared responsibility, works of

Collation, note on, 7B9.12

Collection-level records, X, X.1.1, Appendix A3, Appendix B

addition of new items, Appendix B5.2

arrangement and description for, Appendix B3

bibliographic elements for, Appendix B4

rationale for, Appendix B1.1

selection of materials for, Appendix B2

Collective title, items without, 1F

single-sheet publications, 1G7

title access points, Appendix F2 (1F1-1F2)

See also Collective titles

Titles: devised

Collective titles

single-sheet publications, 1G6

title access points, Appendix F2 (1G1-1G8)

See also Collective title, items without

Titles: devised

Collector, name as main heading, Appendix B4 (1XX)

Colons, See Prescribed punctuation; Punctuation in source

Colophons as prescribed source of information, 0C3, 0D

edition area, 0G5.3, 2A2

publication, distribution, etc., area, 4A2

Color illustrations, 5C3

Color printing, incunabula, 7B10.2

Columns, 1G2, 5B1.2-5B1.3, 5B6.5, 7B10.2

See also Pagination

Commas, See Prescribed punctuation; Punctuation in source

Conjectural information, See Uncertain information

Constructed titles, See Titles: devised

Content, summary of, See Contents notes: summary of contents

Contents notes, 7B16, Appendix B4 (5XX)

for collections with more than one record, Appendix B5.1

formatted, Appendix B4 (505), Appendix C3 (505)

items with collective titles, 1G6, Appendix B1.2

items without collective title, 1G7

summary of contents, 7B15, Appendix B4 (520)

title and statement of responsibility area, 1D2.3

Contractions, 0G8, Appendix F2 (0G8.2), Appendix G3

Control fields, Appendix C3 (007-008)

Conversion of case, See Case, conversion of

Copy being described, See Copy-specific notes

Copy numbers, 7B7.5, 7B19.1.3

Copyright dates, 4D6, Appendix E1.3

Copy-specific information, 0D Footnote 0-1, 6A2.1 Footnote 6-1, 7B19.1.1

Copy-specific notes, III.2.3, VIII.2, 7B19, Appendix F2 (7B19)

See also Copy-specific information

Local notes

Core-level records, X.1.3, Appendix A4, Appendix C

Corrections, See Inaccuracies (in source)


place names, added to, 4B5

as place of publication, Appendix B4 (008)

place of publication, distribution, etc., added to, 4B1.2, 4B12.2

Cover pages, 0C1.2

Cover titles, See Titles: variant

Covers as prescribed sources of information, 0D, 6A2 Footnote 6-1

Curved r, Appendix G2

See also: