BDRB, Preface, Appendix A9

BIBCO Core Records Standards, Appendix B1.3, Appendix C1

elements of bibliographic record, Appendix C3

Bibliographic citations, preferred form, 7B14

Bibliographic description, definition of, Glossary

Bibliographic Description of Rare Books, See BDRB

Bibliographic history, notes on, 2B5.1, 7B7, 7B12-7B13

Bibliographic level of description

choice of cataloging code, X.1.2

collection-level records, Appendix B

core-level records, Appendix C

minimal-level records, Appendix D

See also Levels of description

Bibliographic variants, See Variants

Bibliographic volumes different from physical volumes, 5B16

Binder's titles, Appendix F2 (7B19)

See also Titles: variant


height different from publication, 5D1.2

notes on, 5B15.3, 7B10.4, 7B19

Blank leaves or pages, 5B1.1, 5B3.1, 5B7.1, 5B8.1, 5B14.1, 7B10.1

Blank spaces, 0G6.4

for initial letters, 0G7.3

within title proper, Appendix F2 (0G6.4)

Book jackets, See Dust jackets

Booksellers, 4A6 Footnote 4-1

name of publisher, distributor, etc., 4C1

place of publication, distribution, etc., 4B1.1

"Bound with" notes, See Notes: "With"

Broadsides (broadsheets), See Single-sheet publications

"By the author of . . .", See Words or phrases: as names

See also: