Terms of address, 1E7

Terms of availability, 8D

See also Prices

Text, printed in a single color, notes on, 5C3.3

Thesauri, 7A1.4

Theses, See Dissertations, notes on

Thorn (letter of alphabet), Appendix G3

Tint block illustrations, 5C3.1

Tironian signs, 0G8.2

Title access points, Appendix F

for variant forms of title, Appendix B4 (246), Appendix C3 (246)

Title and statement of responsibility area, 1, Appendix B4 (245), Appendix B5.1, Appendix C3 (245)

notes on, 7B3-7B6

prescribed punctuation, 1A1

sources of information, 1A2

Title page

as prescribed source, 0D

lacking, 0C3

multiple, 0C2

non-letterpress, 5B9.4

single, 0C1

statements of responsibility on, 1E1

two or more works on, 1F1

Title proper, 1B

abridgments of, 1B7

alternative titles in, 1B3.1, 1B7.2

approximated letters in, Appendix F2 (0G7.2)

definition of, Glossary

forms of, 1B3

lacking, 1B5

series, 6B

single-sheet publication, 1G3

sources of, 1B2, 7B3, Appendix C3 (500)

with supplementary or section title, 1B6

See also Chief title

Other title information



additional, See Other title information

alternative, See Alternative titles

binder's, See Binder's titles

caption, See Caption titles

chief, See Chief title

collective, See Collective titles

devised, 1A2.2, 1B5, 1F2, Appendix B4 (245)

docket, See Docket title, definition of

half, See Half titles

lengthy, 1B7.1, 7B18.2

parallel, See Parallel titles

romanization of, 7B4.1

series, See Series

variant, 7B4, 7B5, Appendix B4 (246), Appendix C3 (246), Appendix F2 (7B4-7B5)

Transcription, 0G

of archaic letter and character forms, Appendix G

need for standardization of, III.2.2

of single-sheet publications, 1G2

See also Romanization

Transliteration, See Romanization

Transposition, III.2.2

in edition area, 2B7, 2B9.1, 2C2, 2C3.3, 2C4.3

in publication, distribution, etc. area, 4A3.2, 4B13.1, 4C11.1

in series area, 6E1, 6G1.1, 6H1

in title and statement of responsibility area, 1B1.1-1B1.2, 1B6, 1E3, 1E10.3

mark of omission and, 0G

notes on, See Required notes: transposition

title access points, Appendix F2 (1B1.1)

Turned letters, See Letters (alphabetic), turned

Type measurements, 7B10.2

Typographical ornaments, See Ornaments

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