O (letter of alphabet), superscript, Appendix G2

Obsolete place names, See Archaic place names

Old Style calendar, See Gregorian calendar

Omission, marks of, 0G5.1, 0G6.3

omit without using, 0E, 0G, 0G3.4, 0G5.2-0G5.3, 1A2.2-1A2.3, 1E3, 1G2-1G3, 2B3.2, 2B4.2, 2D2, 7A5.2, 7B18.2

See also Omissions

Omissions, III.2.2, 0G5

from caption titles (single-sheet publications), 1G4

from chief source of information, 0G5.3, 1G3

from edition statements, 2B4.2, 2B9.2, 2D2

from minimal-level records, Appendix D3.1

from other title information, 1D2.3, 1D4

from place of publication, distribution, etc., 4B6.2, 4B13.2

from publisher, distributor, etc., 4C2, 4C6.2, 4C11.2

from series information, 6C2, 6D2, 6E2.3, 6G3.3, 6H3

from statements of responsibility, 1E5, 1E8, 1E14.3

from title proper, 1A2.2, 1B7

Opening words of text, 1B5, 1G2, 1G7

notes on, 7B3.1

Optional treatments in rules, IV

abridgments, 1D4, 1E5, 1E14.3, 2B9.2, 4B6.2, 4B13.2, 4C2, 4C6.2, 4C11.2, 6C2

accompanying material, 5E1.2

advertisements, 5B5.3

date of publication, distribution, etc., 4D2.6

format, 5D1.3

illustrations, 5C1.2, 5C1.4-5C1.5, 5C2.1, 5C5

minimal-level records, additions to, Appendix D3.2

pagination, 5B8.2, 5B18

physical description, Appendix B4 (300)

relator terms, Appendix B4 (1XX)

standard numbers, 8B2, 8D

terms of availability, 8C, 8D

title access points, Appendix F2

transcription in nonroman script, 0F2.2

See also Alternative rules

Order of information, See Form and order of information

Organization and arrangement field, Appendix B4 (351)

Ornaments, 5C1.3

Other physical details, See Illustrations

Other title information, 1D

abridgments of, 1D4

with grammatically inseparable elements, 1D5

notes on, 1D2.3, 7B5

other information transcribed as, 1C2.2, 1D3, 1E11.1, 1E14.1

parallel titles and, 1D6

series area, 6D

statements of responsibility and, 1D2.2

transcribed with title proper, 1B3.1

Owners, previous, See Provenance, notes on

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