I (letter of alphabet), Appendix G4.1

as Latin final capital, 0G2.3

transcription of, 0G2.2, Appendix G4.2

i.e., use of, 0G7.1, Appendix F2 (0G7.1)

ISBD punctuation, See Prescribed punctuation


ISBN, 8B, Appendix C3 (020)


Illuminations, 7B19.1.3

Illustrations, 5C

definition of, Glossary

notes on, 7B10.3

other title information and statement about, 1D3

See also Color illustrations

Graphic processes

Hand coloring

Imperfect copies, IX.1

basis for description of, 0B2.2

notes on, 7B19

See also Incomplete items

Made-up sets

Impressions, X, Appendix E

date of, 4G

definition of, Glossary

edition area, 2B3

notes on, 2B4.2, 2D2

See also Issues

Imprint, See Publication, distribution, etc. area

Inaccuracies (in source), 5B7

dates of publication, 4D2.4

fictitious information, 4A4

local notes, 7B19.3.3

misprints, 0G7, 4C5, Appendix F2 (0G7.1)

page numbering, 5B7.2

place of publication, distribution, etc., 4A4, 4B9

publisher statements, 4A4, 4C5

statements of responsibility, 1E9

Incipit, See Opening words of text

Incomplete items, 5B6.5, 5B12

See also Copy-specific notes

Imperfect copies

Made-up sets


core-level cataloging and, Appendix C2

notes for, 7B10.2

signatures for, 7B9.1

Individual issues of serials, Appendix H

Informal notes, 7A4.4

Initial articles, Appendix F2 (0B1)

Initial letters, blank spaces for, 0G7.3

Initial prepositions, 4B2

Initials, initialisms, acronyms (in source), 0G10.1

Integral, definition of, Glossary

International Standard Bibliographic Description (Antiquarian), See ISBD(A)

International Standard Book Number (ISBN), See ISBN

International Standard Serial Number (ISSN), See ISSN

Interpolations, 0F1.2, 0G6

See also Supplied words

Inverted letters, See Letters (alphabetic), turned

Invocations, 1A2.2

Issues, X.1.4

definition of, Glossary

Issuing agents, See Publication, distribution, etc. area

Item described note, See Copy-specific notes

Item-level description

bibliographic variants, Appendix E1

choice of cataloging code, X.1.2

collection-level description vs, X.1.1, Appendix B1

core-level records, Appendix C1

minimal-level records, Appendix D1

notes on, See Copy-specific notes

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