continuous, 5B17

errors in, 5B7.2

expansions or corrections, 5B7

general rules, 5B1

incomplete publications, 5B12

in more than one physical unit, 5B15-5B20

multiple sequences of, 5B6, 5B9, 5B18

sheets, rolls, cases, portfolios, etc., 5B13

single-sheet publications, 5B14

unnumbered, 5B3, 5B8

See also Leaves

Panel, definition of, Glossary

Parallel edition statements, 2B9, 2C4

Parallel statements of responsibility, 1E10.2, 6E2

Parallel titles

access points, Appendix F2 (1C)

general rules, 1C

notes on, 7B5

other title information and, 1D6

of series, 6C, 6H3

Parentheses, use of, 0E, 4A1, 5A1, 5B13, 5B14.2, 5B17-5B18, 5C1.5, 5D1.3, 5E1.2, 6A1, 7B16.2, 8A1

replacing square brackets in transcription, 0G3.5

Partial contents, See Contents notes

Parts of works

date of publication, 4D7-4D8

linking entry complexity notes, Appendix B4 (580)

notes on, 7B8

standard number and terms of availability area, 8B2

title proper, 1B6

"With" notes, 7B18

Perfect copies, definition of, Glossary

Periodicals, See Serials, individual and special issues of; Series

Periods (full stops), See Prescribed punctuation; Punctuation in source

Phrases, See Words or phrases

Physical characteristics

evaluation of, X.2.4

notes on, 7A1.4

Physical description area, 5, Appendix B4 (300), Appendix B5.1, Appendix C3 (300)

notes on, 5B1.3-5B1.4, 5B16, 7B10

prescribed punctuation, 5A1

single-sheet publications, 5B2

Physical processes, III.1.3

Physical volumes different from bibliographic volumes, 5B16

pi, in signature statements, 7B9.3

Place names

abbreviations, 4B5

modern forms of, 4B3, 4B10-4B11

in more than one language, 4B13

Place of manufacture, 4A6, 4E

Place of publication, distribution, etc., 4B

based on address or sign, 4B11

from earlier editions, 4B6.5-4B6.6, 4C6.4

elements relating to, 4A6

grammatically inseparable elements, 4B8

initial prepositions with, 4B2

lacking, 4B10

in multipart monographs, 4B7

two or more, 4B6

uncertain information, 4B12


definition of, Glossary

notes on, 5B19

pagination, 5B9

Plus signs, See Prescribed punctuation: physical description area

Pockets with accompanying material, 5E2

Post-production history, III.1.3

Praeses (academic disputations), 1E4.2

Precataloging decisions, X

Preferred citation of collection, Appendix B4 (524)


in statements of extent, 5B1.2, 5B3.1

notes on, 5B17.2

as prescribed sources of information, 0D, 2A2

Prepositions with place of publication, 4B2

Prescribed punctuation, II.2, 0E

edition area, 2A1

note area, 7A2, 7A4.1-7A4.2

physical description area, 5A1

publication, distribution, etc. area, 4A1

in publications without collective title, 1F1

series area, 6A1

single-sheet publications, 1G5

standard number and terms of availability area, 8A1

title and statement of responsibility area, 1A1

See also Punctuation in source

Prescribed sources of information

edition area, 2A2

general rules, 0D

note area, 7A3

physical description area, 5A2

publication, distribution, etc. area, 4A2.1

series area, 6A2.1

standard number and terms of availability area, 8A2

title and statement of responsibility area, 1A2.1

See also Chief source of  information

Sources of information

Preservation, III.1.2

Previous owners, See Provenance, notes on

Prices, 1A2.2

See also Terms of availability

Printers, See Manufacturers


as edition statements, 2B3.1

See also Impressions


"Privately printed" statement, 4C2

Privilege statements, notes on, 7A1.2

Probable information, See Uncertain information

Program for Cooperative Cataloging (PCC), Appendix C1

Provenance, notes on, 7A1.4, 7B19.1.3, 7B19.2, Appendix B4 (561)

Publication, distribution, etc. area, 4, Appendix B4 (260), Appendix B5.1, Appendix C3 (260)

manufacture vs publication, 4A6

more than one, 4B6, 4C6, 4D7-4D8

notes on, 7B8

order of elements, 4A3

prescribed punctuation, 4A1

single-sheet publications, 1G8

sources of information, 4A2

uncertain information, 4A4, 4C5

See also Date of publication

Place of publication, distribution, etc.

Publishers, distributors, etc.

Publication date, See Date of publication

Published descriptions, references to, 7B14

Publisher statements, 4C

from earlier editions, 4B6.6, 4C6.3-4

fictitious information, 4C5

form and order of elements, 4A3

grammatically inseparable elements, 4C3

missing, 4C9

in more than one language, 4C11

repetition of, 4C10

two or more names in, 4C6

Publishers, distributors, etc., 4C

address of publisher, 4C2, 4C4

emphasized in source, 4A6.3.2

fictitious or incorrect, 4C5

function, 4A6, 4A6 Footnote 4-1

more than one, 4C6

supplied or conjectured, 4C8

See also Manufacturers

Publishers' devices, 4C4.2

Punctuation in source, 0G3

alternative transcription of, 0G3.1

substituted for letters, 0G3.7

transcription of, 0G3, 0G3.1

within roman numerals, 0G3.4

See also Prescribed punctuation

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