DCRB, VII, Appendix A9

changes from, Preface

compatibility with, III.2.6


alternative rules, IV

changes from DCRB, Preface

comments, VIII.2

determining when use is suitable, X.1.2

differences between AACR2 and, Appendix C3

language preferences, V

objectives, III.1

optional local notes, VIII.2

precataloging decisions, X

principles of construction, III.2

relationship to other cataloging standards, II

scope, I.2, I.4, 0A

Dashes, 0G3.5, 0G3.7

See also Prescribed punctuation

Date of deposit, 4D6

Date of distribution, See Date of publication

Date of manufacture, 4G

See also Date of publication

Date of printing, 4D1.1, 4D1.3

Date of publication, 0C2, 4D

conjectured, 4D4

on part pages, 4D8

patterns for supplying conjectured, 4D5

supplied from other sources, 4D3

transcription of, 4D1.2


copyright, 4D6

Julian/Old Style, 4D2.5

not based on Julian or Gregorian calendar, 4D2.6

other than publication, 4D4.2

roman numerals in, 0G3.4, 0G4.1

very long, 4D2.3

See also Chronograms

Gregorian calendar

Defects, See Imperfect copies

Degrees, See Academic degrees, memberships, etc.

Description, level of, See Levels of description

Description of collections, Appendix B3.3

basis for, Appendix B5.2

multiple bibliographic records, Appendix B5.1

Description of item, 0B

basis for, 0B2

notes on, 7B3

required elements, 0B1

See also names of specific areas, e.g., Edition area

Descriptive Cataloging of Rare Books, See DCRB

Descriptive Cataloging of Rare Materials (Books), See DCRM(B)

Detail, levels of, See Levels of description

Devices, 1A2.2

definition of, Glossary

Devised titles, See Titles: devised

Diacritical marks, 0G1

Diagonal slash

date of publication, 4D2.5

virgules vs, 0G3.5

See also Prescribed punctuation

Digital reproductions, Appendix A6

Digraphs, See Ligatures

Dimensions, 5D, Appendix B4 (300)

single-sheet publications, 5D4.1

Discontinued publications, 5B20

Dissertations, notes on, 7B13, Appendix C3 (502)

Distribution area, See Publication, distribution, etc. area

Distribution date, See Date of publication

Distributors, See Publishers, distributors, etc.

Docket title, definition of, Glossary

Double leaves, 5B11

Double punctuation option, See Punctuation in source: alternative transcription of

Doubtful information, See Uncertain information

Dust jackets, IX.2

as prescribed source of information, 0D, 2A2, 4A2.1, 6A2.1

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