E (letter of alphabet), superscript, Appendix G2

Edition, date of, See Date of publication

Edition area, 2

core-level records, Appendix C3 (250)

general rules, 2B

multipart monographs, 2B11

named revision, 2D

notes on, 7B7

prescribed punctuation, 2A1

sources of information, 2A2

special characters or numeric emphasis, 2B4

statements of responsibility, 2C, 2E

Edition statement, See Edition area

Edition statement lacking or doubtful, 2B5


definition of, Glossary

determination of bibliographic variants, X.1.4, Appendix E1

See also Edition area


Electronic location and access, Appendix B4 (856)

Ellipses, See Omission, marks of

Encoding levels, X.1.3

Engraved title pages, 5B9.4

Entries, See Added entries; Headings

Epigrams, 1A2.2

Equals signs, See Prescribed punctuation

Errata, 5B4, 7B16.1, Appendix E1.3

Erroneous attributions to name, notes on, See Fictitious or incorrect information: attributions to name, notes on

Errors (in source), See Inaccuracies (in source)

Esszet, Appendix G2

et al., use of, 1E5

Excerpts, See Parts of works

Examples, conventions for, VIII

Explanatory notes, See Notes

Extent of item, 5B

See also Pagination

Extracts, See Parts of works

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