Update 11 contains new policy information for use of regular LCCNs by CONSER members.  It contains replacement of the term "USMARC " with "MARC 21" in a number of sections.  New MARC field and subfield definitions are included in the 210 field.  Changes resulting from the cessation of NST are also documented including changes in policy regarding use of 012 subfield $i.  Clarifications and additional or modified examples have been added to 060, 740, 773, 774 and 787.

Field, etc.

Addition, Change, Deletion


Table A1.3 New CONSER members Faxon Company and University of Oregon added.  University of Florida, CONSER site added:  Health Sciences Center Library.


NST ceased, availability through 1999 added

ISSN Online added to list of ISSN products, ISSN International email and Web address updated


Additions made to CONSER Bibliography


Example corrected by adding dates to 246 note


Policy corrected to reflect use of field 039 with "core" in subfield $a

Footnote numbering corrected

012 subfield $i and 850 information removed

012 subfield $i for NST reporting removed from requirement charts

The word "interim" was removed from section on guidelines for remote access version of printed serials


Typo in the word Japanese corrected

Term USMARC replaced with MARC 21

Current use of LC record control numbers described

Updating 042 of NSDP prepub records updated in agreement with current practice documented in C6.1

Current use of holding institution codes in 850 described


The terms ISSN register, ISSN compact, and ISSN online replace ISDS register


Term "Can/MARC" replaced with "MARC 21"


Instructions for obtaining password given

Fixed Length Fields - General Information

"USMARC" replaced with "MARC 21"

Date 1/Date 2

Example of unknown beginning date given

Format of music

"USMARC" replaced with "MARC 21"

Modified record

"USMARC" replaced with "MARC 21"

Nature of entire work

Coding and examples corrected

Publication status

"USMARC" replaced with "MARC 21"

Running time

"USMARC" replaced with "MARC 21"

Type of computer file

Typo corrected, the word "of" added

Type of visual material

"USMARC" replaced with "MARC 21"

007 Fields - General Information

"USMARC" replaced with "MARC 21"

007 - Electronic resource

"USMARC" replaced with "MARC 21"

007 - Map or Atlas

"USMARC" replaced with "MARC 21"

007 - Microform

"USMARC" replaced with "MARC 21"

007 - Nonprojected graphic

"USMARC" replaced with "MARC 21"

007 - Projected graphic

"USMARC" replaced with "MARC 21"

007 - Sound recording

"USMARC" replaced with "MARC 21"

007 - Videorecording

"USMARC" replaced with "MARC 21"


New use (after 2000) of regular LC control numbers by all CONSER members documented

Reference to deleted section "CONSER assignment of LCCNs" removed

New heading "Prefixes" added

Past use of prefixed control numbers by CONSER and LC documented; text regarding NLC control numbers arranged, moved under new "NLC control numbers" heading

Heading and section "CONSER assignment of LCCNs" removed


Reference to subfield $i deleted

Prior practice of subfield $i usage described


Documentation of LC changing 2nd indicator 4 to 0 upon use of a 050 input by another institution

Subfield $u examples removed


Text completely rewritten by NLM to include current use of schedules QS-QZ, W-WZ examples; current use of first indicator existence in NLM collection, second indicator source of call number

New examples and explanation added


Instructions added for handling multiple subfield $a codes


New field name, redefined 2nd indicator and new subfields documented per MARC 21:  indicator blank redefined as abbreviated key title; 0 as other abbreviated title; new subfield $2 source of abbreviated title.  [NOTE:  values are not yet valid in OCLC as of December 1999]

Changed reference to ISSN Register


Changed reference to ISSN Register


Subfield $h medium added to subfield listing


Corrected examples to show "computer optical discs"


Changed definition of subfield $d to match MARC 21 usage; added (R) to indicators e-h


Changed "not used" to "NLM use only" for indicators 1 and 2


Definition of "non authoritative" clarified by adding the words "AACR2 CONSER" before "bibliographic record"


Corrected CEG update date from summer 1996 to fall 1999 (spring 1999 update incorrectly showed summer 1996 in the footer)


Added linking relationship to 774


Added linking relationship to 773


Corrected example to show correct first indicator value 0 instead of 1


730 field added to examples


Changed description to match new usage

Appendix M

Change "REPR" to "FORM"

Appendix N

Removed the word "interim" from CONSER guidelines for remote access versions of printed serials" heading; made reference to online guidelines for one record vs. two decision

Page numbering corrected

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