i.e., use of

errors, 0F1, 2F3

explanatory, 1G10, 2C4

ISBD, see International Standard Bibliographic Description


definition, Appendix C

see also Publication, distribution, etc., area

Inaccuracies, see Errors

Inclusive dates, see Span dates

Incomplete date, number, word, or name, see Abbreviations, Interpolation

Incomplete series, 3B3

Initials and initialisms

completion of, 0J2

monograms and devices, 1G7, 2D7

recording, 0H2


definition, Appendix C

notes on, 5B7.1, 5B9.5

Intaglio print

definition, Appendix C

dimensions, 3D3.1, 3D5

International Standard Bibliographic Description

definition, Appendix C

punctuation, use of, Introduction, paragraph 11, 0C4 (footnote 3)

Interpolation, 0J

addition to place of publication, distribution, etc., 2C2, 2C3

completion of abbreviated names, words, and numbers, 0J2, 2C4

conjecture, 0J1

correction, 0F

explanatory information, 0F1, 1G7, 1G8, 1G10

language and script, 0E3

statement of responsibility, 1G7, 1G8, 1G10

note area, 5A2

publication, distribution, etc., area, 2C2-2C4, 2E


accompanying material, 0A(b)

as source of information, 0B1.1(c)

definition, Appendix C

Irregular shape

dimensions, 3D4.3


definition, Appendix C

Items, number of, see Extent, statement of

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