Relation to CONSER, A2, C4

Review of authority records, C4.1.5


See National Serials Data Program


See New Serial Titles

Name authority records, C4

Canadian headings, C4.1.3, C12.5


Mailing addresses for NARs, C4.3

Modifications to, C4.1.4

New members under review, A4.5.4

Review of by LC/NACO, C4.1.5

Searching, C4.1.2

Surrogates, C2.1

Name headings

Added to existing records, B4.2.2

CJK (surrogates), C2.1

Description, Headings - General Information, 100-111, 700-711

Form of in CONSER records (policy), B1.2, Headings - General Information

In CONSER participant records, C1.3

In LAC records, C1.3, C12.5

In LC minimal level records, C1.2.1

in NSDP records, C1.2.3

In NST records, C1.2.4

In USNP records, C1.4

On LC monograph records, C4.1.2

Problem, C4.1.4

Retrospective conversion, B5

Tagging, Headings - General Information

National Agricultural Library

Call number, 070

NAL subject headings, Subject Headings - General Information

Subject category code, 072

Translation of title by cataloging agency, 242

National Library of Medicine

CATLINE, 060, 069

Class/call number, 060, 061

Control number, 069

Subject headings, Subject Headings - General Information

National membership (in CONSER), A4.2.1

List of members (chart), previously A1.3, now available from

National Serials Data Program (NSDP)

Abbreviate title, 210

Authentication code, 042

Center of responsibility, C1.2

ISSN center code, 008/20 (Continuing resources)

ISSN, 022

Identification of records, C1.2.3

Incorrect ISSN, C6.3

Information from publishers, 936

Key title, 222

National Science Foundation Project, 012 $e

Postal registration number, 032

Projected publication date, 263

Reporting pre-publication records to, C6.1

Request form, C6

U.S. imprints lacking ISSN, C6.2

USPS use of ISSN, A2, A6.3

New Serial Titles (publication)

Dewey Decimal numbers, 082

Production, A3.5.2

Publication date code, 012 $i

Relation to CONSER, A2

Reporting to, C2.2.4, 012 $i

Sales information, A7

New Serial Titles Section (records)

Authentication code, 042

Identification, C1.2.4


Core record, B6.4.2

Definition, 008/21 (Continuing resources)

Format, 008/22 (Continuing resources)

Hierarchical place name access, 752

LC class/call number, 050

Subject headings, Subject Headings - General Information, 651, Appendix L

USNP records, C1.4, Appendix L

See also United States Newspaper Program

Non-print continuing resources, Appendix N

006 field, Fixed Length Fields - General Information

Core records, B6.4

Fixed field data in, Fixed Length Fields - General Information, Appendix N


At head of title, 246, 500

Dates in, Notes - General Information

Description based on, 500

Display constant controllers, Notes - General Information

Fields that generate, Notes - General Information

Fluctuating title, 500

Order of, Notes - General Information

Publishers, 500

Title varies, 246, 500

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