Parallel records, C7

Part titles

Headings, Headings - General Information $p

Series, 440 $p, 490 $a

Title, 245 $p

Uniform title, 130, 240

Variant titles, 246 $p

Partial records (LC)

See IN PROCESS records

Partial records (LAC), C1.3, Leader/17


As a subject subdivision, Appendix J

Definition, 008/21 (Continuing resources)

Physical description fixed field, 007 Fields - General Information, Fixed Length Fields - General Information

Electronic resources, 007 (Electronic resource), Appendix N

Microforms, 007 (Microform), Appendix M

Changes to (in existing records), Appendix M

Nonprint continuing resources, Appendix N

Non-projected graphic, 007 (Non-projected graphic)

Projected graphic, 007 (Projected graphic)

Repeatability, 007 Fields - General Information

Sound recordings, 007 (Sound recording), Appendix N

Subfield coding in, 007 Fields - General Information

Videorecordings, 007 (Videorecording), Appendix N

Physical format (of a continuing resource), 008/22, 008/23

Changes in, 008/22, 580

Place of publication, 260 $a

Country code (in fixed field), 008/15-17

Country code (in links), Linking Entry Fields - General Information $f, 775

Changes in, 008/15-17

Microforms, 008/15-17, Appendix M, Section 2

Newspapers, 752


Coded, 007 (Non-projected graphic) $b

Core record, B6.4.6

Pre-AACR2 records

Changes to, B4.2.4

Change in choice of entry, B4.3.1

Consolidation of records (policy), B4.3.2

Consolidation of records (procedure), C8.2

Converting to AACR2, C9, C10

LAC authenticated, B3.3, C9.1.2, C12.4.2

LC-authenticated, B3.3, C3, 936

Description code (in fixed field), Leader/18

Name headings, B1.2, B5

Reproduction microforms, 245 $h, 533

Prepublication records

CONSER Enhance updating of, C6.1

Encoding level in, C1.2.3, Leader/17

Expected date of publication, 936

ID elements, C6.1, Appendix L

Projected publication date, 263

Reporting to NSDP, C6.1, 936

Statistics, C13.4

Price, 037 $c

Printer (manufacturer), 260 $e-$g

Program for Cooperative Cataloging (PCC)

Advisory structure, A5.4

Component programs, A5.1

CONSER's affiliation with, A1.1, A5

Governance, A5.2

Nominating Committee, A5.3.1

Policy Committee

role in membership process, A4.4.2, A4.8.2

Secretariat, A5.2.6

Standing committees, A5.2.5

Steering Committee, A5.2.2

role in membership process, A4.4.3

"[Provisional]" (Content designator qualifier), D2.2

Publication patterns data, B4.2.3, 891

Publisher, distributor, etc., 260 $b

Address, 037 $b

Punctuation (ISBD-S)

Pre-AACR2 records, Leader/18

Punctuation (OCLC system-supplied), Appendix C

See also general information chapters and editing instructions for each field

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